Friday, December 16, 2011

Feelin the love!

My lovely man came home last night with a suprise for me! I would much rather have him paint me a kick ass painting then to buy me flowers ANY DAY! I'm thinkin' its about time for some new business cards!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I have been way to busy for my own good! (I also just got a job at a lil local bar so its been entertaining me at nights)
Its been soooo much fun thrifting so much lately for stocking stuffers and christmas presents buuuuut the shit-tay part is I can't post pictures of anything i've found! booooo.
I have just started doing a cool lil penpal thing with my sister and some friends back home in Alabama <3
The 5th was my 21st birthday, I got a big ass cobra tattooed on my stomach and why yes I did get tore up from the floor up.

On a business-sy note I am in LIMBO! On the fence about sooo many things to add to my shop and take away forever from my shop... What is it about the new year that makes people wanna always do a 360?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thrifty finds and pbr rings are back!

Yesterday I went estate saling and thrifting. I always feel so much better when I put a day aside to do nothing but rummage thru junk all day. I had a pretty good outcome for only having 15$. The sweet old man at the estate sale remebered me somehow from another antique shop i was at months ago that we were shooting the shit at. He reffered to me as "the pretty girl with vintage cars" and cut me hella deals at the sale! It made my day as I was leaving he said "Have a fantastic day pretty lil lady with the vintage rides!" I LOVE OLD MEN they are the sweetest most butter you up kind around. hehehe.

Got the tourist case for 4$ (i ALWAYS pick these up if there under 5$ I use them to put tools in, supplies, anything and everything) the lil vintage peach wall hanging was actually inside the case when I got into the car and opened it up so that was a free score! Stack of a vintage pillow cases all for 1$ (old ass mickey mouse and COOL 70s chevron prints!) I'm a sucker for retro dishware got the mug for 50c, the glass atomic cup for 10c and the two pink bowls for 80c (ILOVEPINKDISHWARE) 70s wooden shelf was a 1$ (never ever walk past a shelf for under 3$!) My favorite finds of the day are those two AWSOME fish wall hangings! they were 10c a piece and I am INLOVE with their wierdness. Last but not least i got that old tin can for 1$.

All in all I had a good day and I topped it off with buying a shit ton of groceries so my pantries are full and there is lots of baking to be had!

Now onto the hellcat mama shop... I've brought pbr rings back by popular demand! (8$) One hour after listing the item on etsy it was already bought... so it is relisted and I am back on the roll. Adding some vintage-awsomenesss and the last of my necklaces to the shop before the weekend is over with.

And now I'm going to post a cute ass picture I took of my Daughter ,Gypsi Rose Alabama, brushing her teeth. So now go check out my etsy shop

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

helmets, helmets and more helmets.

My current obsession... relining these damn helmets... The one on the left is going to be "winterized" crush velvet or mink and imma somehow make a knifty warm lil chin strap type thing, the white one in the middle is going to be ether a white trash rebel flag type deal or a white trash red white and blue type deal. LASTLY on the right the one thats going to be a bitch to reline because it is worn daily will be ether a mexican blanket or sailor jerry tattoo flash lining. really fuckin stoked to get these done. I. NEED. DAMN. SUPPLY. MONEY. BUY. MY. SHIT at

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Time to get into gear

Spent the last couple of days going thrifting, went to a swap meet, finished my back door panels, organized a lil of my work room, took some pictures with Kaliebs bike annnnnnd now I have three 3/4 helmets that need to be relined and recushioned. So right now im comin' up with ideas and then hopefully making a maiden voyage outta this lil town to a decent fabric store to grab some supplies up for that. I have the week ahead of me tho and my goal is to finish atleast 4 projects. Been having a long debate with myself about reducing the price on all my jewerly... My sewing machine is just calling my name every morning I wake up and I dont have the time to be messin with pliers and beads anymore. ALSO I put my car up for sale YAY! really want somin new to play with (pre-66 el camino, ranchero, wagon or panel truck) annnnd I'm also hoping with some spare cash I can pick me up an industrial machine on the cheap and start on the seats in the lincoln. *fingers crossed it sells for asking price* Time to go draw some shit up for these helmets.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The blog update that I never wanted wanted to do.

the night of October 14th and early morning of October 15th
The last time I had ever seen Elvis alive was from a sidewalk of him being put into a med life helicopter because I was not "considered" family this was the closest I could get to seeing the last little bit of life in my brother Elvis. I will never forget this night. I couldve slit everyones throat in that hospital who told me we coudlnt see him or they couldnt even tell us what was going on. Never in my entire life had so much hatred and confusion. I will never ever forget standing on that side walk in the freezing cold watching that helicopter fly a couple feet over my head just telling that bastard that he better not die on me and leave me here alone in Georgia. I needed him here he was the glue to everything in my life. We made that hr drive to chatanooga we're he was being medflighted we didnt even make it in the parking garage before I knew. I just got out of the car before kalieb could even park it and just knew. I'll never forget all the people that were outside the emergency room that night complete strangers and I just couldnt understand how they could just stand there staring and watch as we cried and cussed and asked why. I just felt like why is everyone around us right now not upset we just lost the most wonderful person to ever grace this earth I thought that even strangers who never knew him just had a horrible lost as well. We all just wanted him back. Worst day of my entire fucking life so much screaming so much crying so much anger so much depression. He died doing what he loved. He rode hard he rode long he rode the fuck out of that bike. We told eachother alot that we loved eachother in a silly type of way. Just wish I had the chance to sit him down one more time and tell him "No, really I love you and i need you here. you keep everything together. You balance EVERYTHING out" Everything is in pieces I am in pieces noone can ever put all this back together I have never in my entire life been put in a situation where I dont know what to do I dont know where to go from here. The future was all planned out....All I can do is carry on and take it day by day figure it all out day by day. Do everything I told you I would always do. Be a badass at everything I told you I would always be a badass at. I'll never forget the way you use to laugh at me when I told you I was going to do something outragious, The way you made me feel like a 5 star chef the way my mash potatoes would make you swoon, The way you were always there when me and kalieb werent clicking, the way you would always fold your sheets in the morning... I would wake up and you would be watching squidbillies or playing pandora on your phone loud as hell, The way you would always ask me if your pretty, The way you would drop everything in the world to help me... I still can't thank you enough the day you drove an hr and a half at night to help me paint the laundry room, the way you would carry me if my feet were ever hurt from wearing ridiciliously big heels, the way you always made sure I approved of every girl that came into your life and If I told you no you told her no. I dont even have to say that I will never forget you cuz i would have to be in a fuckin comma to ever forget your rowdy ass. Your up in the sky right now ridin that panhead you always wanted... hangin with indian larry surfin tanks bein the hardass you've always been. Watchin over me (yeah mother fucker I know its you that keeps fuckin with me, knock it off or you'll get a big ol' beatin when I come to join you one day!) I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU and I miss you so much more with each passing day but its so comforting to know that your now always by my side always have my back always in my heart. Love you Brother.

"She's a high flyin' lady
She takes me where I want to be
There's no other woman
Standing between her and me
I'll always be faithful
And keep her 'til the end of time
God knows I'll always love
That old Panhead of mine
I've seen fancy dressers
And they've caught my eye
I rode'em to ride'em
Then I told them goodbye
I flirted with Low Riders
Sportsters and Shovelheads too
I cussed her and beat her
And kicked her to just get her started
A couple of times
God knows I'll always love
that old panhead of mine"

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Busy Bee

Sunday we took Gypsi Rose to the park and she looooooved it

As usual chasing after her..

Sunday Afternoon was my nephews 3rd birthday party sooo I made him a lil coloring caddy to carry about all his crayons and books :)

Theeeeeen that night I turned an 11/12 moo moo into a cute 50s type dress

Monday my mom and stepdad came from alabama to visit! AND bought me a buncha new fabric and groceries! (yay for a cabnet full of coffee and new fabric for new projects! woohoo)

All day yesterday I spent the day making patterns for mens wallets and cleaning (sooo exciting I know!) 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thrifty finds and a diy cheap ass cute dress!

big pile of awsome crap I got today! all under 4$ big bag of lace trim (1$) (im a sucker for lace!) cabel knit sweater (1$) thats going to be added to by big awsome blanket im making, xl red plaid button up (1$) BADASS motorcycle sweater for Gypsi Rose (50c) and an adorable old nacy xs shirt that i am actually not going to cut up and wear and rock it. All that blue shit is a BUNCH of old work shorts size xl to s that I raided from my boyfriends moms house.... gonna cut em up sew em up and embroider em up!

That xl mens plaid shirt I bought for a dollar today... yeah I also made it adorable today.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How to make ugly glass purdy

Got any flower vases, mason jars or glasses layin around collectin dust? Heres a lil cheap trick to spruce em' up and put em' to use. All you need is spray paint or house paint whichever color you like I did a white to match my milk white vases and a seafoam because... well because seafoam is just kickass. If you have glass that is grooved like these shown then I suggest you grab a spare tooth brush and some newspaper or something to cover the top of the glass.
MAKE SURE the inside of your glass is 100% clean because once you paint it that dirt will stick out like a sore thumb and be there foreverrrrrrrrr.

Wrap the top of the glass with a newspaper to avoid over spray all over it, you WILL get over spray all your hands if you care about this then cover em' if ya  or wrap a rubber band arond the top if ya dont then be prepared to have a colorful hand for the next week.
Spray for a good 10 seconds to get a good first coat on the inside, wait ten minutes let it dry then spray another coat. If youre using paint then your going to pour the paint into the inside and then use a tooth brush to get into all the grooves. reapply coats as often as you need but make sure you wait a good 10 minutes inbetween coats. Let dry for 24 hours! THEN there ya go some purdy awsomeness.

TA-DA! If this is nothing new to you and so last year then here is a picture of one compeleted side in my work room... the other three sides are WRECKED right now i'm still in the process of unpacking and rearranging before and after to come soon tho!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Thrifty Finds

 Went to two new thrift stores today here in town that I havent been to yet, LOVED THEM. I was in a rush tho so I kinda speed-thrifted.
 Got a darling set of 4 mini strawberry mugs (1.50$) 2 strawberry glasses (1.00) You can seriously never have enough glasses or mugs they are GREAT for everything flower pots, storage (buttons, pins, nuts and bolts yada yada yada) then of course you can do the normal thing and drink out of them.
 I couldnt help but to not pick up the good luck kitchen witch spoon rest I felt like if I didnt buy it (75c) I would never be able to cook anything again (it wouldve been bad juju to read it then leave it, what can I say?)
Onto the ugly flower vases (minus the beautiful milk white one) (99c each) those my friends are going to be my FIRST tutorial!! Exciting! Riiight??? A how to on how to make ugly vases purdy. Well how to turn a plain vase into a milk white type vase or any color you might like.
 YAY for tommorow!

"nothing spills, nothing spoils, over cooks or over boils This kitchen witch upon her broom brings love and luck to any room"