Friday, March 30, 2012

Throttle lovins' and Tucker AKA Rodeo's bike.

This morning we rolled tuckers bike out so I could snap a few photos

Ive had a really busy past couple of days and also alot on my mind.
I could piss alot of people off but I will just let more time pass.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Money Honey

   Got all the orders shipped today, fiddled around at the tattoo shop a lil. Came home, got to sewin' and that son of a bitch startin' smokin, so currently I have my machine in pieces and i'm determined to get it rigged CUZ I GOT SHIT TO DO. mother fuckin' heavy duty my asshole! I am in such desperate need of an industrial machine
I need somin I can rip and roar on all day.

I need money for 1. an industrial sewing machine because that is my ONE source of income. 
(blah blah blah besides the tattoo shop, but im ready to start on bike and automotive interior SO BAD)
AND 2. New exhaust on the caddy plus other lil stuff because that is my ONE source of transportation.

Use coupon code "CADILLAC" to save 15% off your total order on my etsy shop!!
you can visit it HERE

I'm also still relining helmets for 40$

Once supplies come in this week imma be relining a set of hard case saddle bags and it got me thinking
how kickass would it be if one of them was a cooler! I even thought up in my head how I could add a drain plug on the bottom and how to insulate it and everything... keep your beer cold while you ride!
If anyones interested in this let me know!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

set up at the tattoo shop, picnic by the creek and some fun on the playground

Set up shop today at Junkyard Tattoo!! I feel really good that atleast now im semi- helping pay rent for the shop... It took me long enough to convince Kalieb but he can never tell me no. For now I just have alot of my older things up there for sale once some of this sells i'll add some newer items. Once we find a good place to make prints of some of his water colors then we will have some of those for sale also, any suggestions?

Kalieb has been a butthead to me these past couple days (his back hurting makes him an asshole)
so I reckon' he made up for it today by having us a picnic (sonic) by the creek 
It was such a beautiful day out!

Then we went to go pick up our lil miss after we had our "us time"

Kalieb and Tucker crossed off more on the to do build list

Loaded up, grabbed some kickass slushies from the gas station and headed to the playground!

Orders ship out tommorow which means I need to bust ass tonight/tommorow morning.
 For now I will chow the fuck down on this pizza I had delivered and possibly watch rum diaries with the man 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

slower paced sunday funday

 unsuccessful day of trying to put a choke pull in the caddy

Explored our backyard

 Tucker fucked with his bike

Broke the 38 fixed the 38

 annnd a lil bit of queer bitch ridin'

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cadillac maiden voyage, a few thrifty finds and a visit from Lacey & Justin!

Got the caddy on the road today! I drove it to a lil local show this morning. 
All I have to say is I always thought I was a chevy type of gal, tried and true.... 
CADILLAC GAL all the fuckin' way, we were ment to be. 
OF COURSE if this 390 blows I will be throwin a small block in her' so that would make a me a chevillac gal
Chokes a lil funny no biggy, I've drove worst just feels great to have a runnin' car again.

Calhoun is COVERED in 56-58 chevys holyshit there was SO many of them there. 
Is this just something here in this town or do you see alot at your local shows or towns?

 Ol' Rodeo attemptin' to sleep on the jungle funk.. 

that fords the reason im living in GA and the Lincoln is willed to Gypsi Rose.

Kalieb and Tucker testin' out the new bike (troys) 
Another one for Kalieb to cut up.
After the Show I came up to the shop went to a Thrift Store with Ariana then my amazing friends from Alabama came into town! Lacey and Justin! WEEEEEE had soo much fun with them today up at the shop, even better it stayed busy today which is always great!

AND here are the few things I got today plaster flowers, another weird green 70s bowl to plant succulus in and a resin flower pressed spoon rest woohoo today was AWSOME