Saturday, October 20, 2012

busier then a one legged man in a butt kicking contest

  For the past couple months I've been M.I.A from my blog. I got a lot of new things in the works and have been delightfully really busy!
  Heres a lil recap of pictures since my last update

Made a high waisted fitted skirt with matching hair bow

Throttle is still spoiled

Been doing some renovation to the tattoo shop

Still have the cutest kid

Ask me about the vulture story next time your around Kalieb or I.

 Love living in Georgia.

Still cadillacin'

Still trying on things that I will never wear/cant afford

Still the cutest best friends.

Added bows to the etsy shop

now have a triumph

still lazy as ever.

still doing hand embroidery

Had our first bike night at Junkyard Tattoo, great turn out!

Had a 2nd bike night with another great turn out!

Gypsi rose turned 2 and Kalieb turned 23

Made pillows from old harley bandanas

transformers skirt

my lil burn out baby

Starting to make and sell childrens denim vests

Got a tattoo for my home state, ALABAMA!
not Sweden. *coughnickcough*

Refoamed and Relined with no styrofoam shell

Thrifted Gypsi Rose a pair of overalls to match mine

still a bone collector

 repainted, refoamed and relined

fitted cowboy dress

I'm now refoaming and relining helmets for 55$ I'll make another post here soon with more info on that.