Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thrifty finds and pbr rings are back!

Yesterday I went estate saling and thrifting. I always feel so much better when I put a day aside to do nothing but rummage thru junk all day. I had a pretty good outcome for only having 15$. The sweet old man at the estate sale remebered me somehow from another antique shop i was at months ago that we were shooting the shit at. He reffered to me as "the pretty girl with vintage cars" and cut me hella deals at the sale! It made my day as I was leaving he said "Have a fantastic day pretty lil lady with the vintage rides!" I LOVE OLD MEN they are the sweetest most butter you up kind around. hehehe.

Got the tourist case for 4$ (i ALWAYS pick these up if there under 5$ I use them to put tools in, supplies, anything and everything) the lil vintage peach wall hanging was actually inside the case when I got into the car and opened it up so that was a free score! Stack of a vintage pillow cases all for 1$ (old ass mickey mouse and COOL 70s chevron prints!) I'm a sucker for retro dishware got the mug for 50c, the glass atomic cup for 10c and the two pink bowls for 80c (ILOVEPINKDISHWARE) 70s wooden shelf was a 1$ (never ever walk past a shelf for under 3$!) My favorite finds of the day are those two AWSOME fish wall hangings! they were 10c a piece and I am INLOVE with their wierdness. Last but not least i got that old tin can for 1$.

All in all I had a good day and I topped it off with buying a shit ton of groceries so my pantries are full and there is lots of baking to be had!

Now onto the hellcat mama shop... I've brought pbr rings back by popular demand! (8$) One hour after listing the item on etsy it was already bought... so it is relisted and I am back on the roll. Adding some vintage-awsomenesss and the last of my necklaces to the shop before the weekend is over with.

And now I'm going to post a cute ass picture I took of my Daughter ,Gypsi Rose Alabama, brushing her teeth. So now go check out my etsy shop

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

helmets, helmets and more helmets.

My current obsession... relining these damn helmets... The one on the left is going to be "winterized" crush velvet or mink and imma somehow make a knifty warm lil chin strap type thing, the white one in the middle is going to be ether a white trash rebel flag type deal or a white trash red white and blue type deal. LASTLY on the right the one thats going to be a bitch to reline because it is worn daily will be ether a mexican blanket or sailor jerry tattoo flash lining. really fuckin stoked to get these done. I. NEED. DAMN. SUPPLY. MONEY. BUY. MY. SHIT at

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Time to get into gear

Spent the last couple of days going thrifting, went to a swap meet, finished my back door panels, organized a lil of my work room, took some pictures with Kaliebs bike annnnnnd now I have three 3/4 helmets that need to be relined and recushioned. So right now im comin' up with ideas and then hopefully making a maiden voyage outta this lil town to a decent fabric store to grab some supplies up for that. I have the week ahead of me tho and my goal is to finish atleast 4 projects. Been having a long debate with myself about reducing the price on all my jewerly... My sewing machine is just calling my name every morning I wake up and I dont have the time to be messin with pliers and beads anymore. ALSO I put my car up for sale YAY! really want somin new to play with (pre-66 el camino, ranchero, wagon or panel truck) annnnd I'm also hoping with some spare cash I can pick me up an industrial machine on the cheap and start on the seats in the lincoln. *fingers crossed it sells for asking price* Time to go draw some shit up for these helmets.