Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Time to get into gear

Spent the last couple of days going thrifting, went to a swap meet, finished my back door panels, organized a lil of my work room, took some pictures with Kaliebs bike annnnnnd now I have three 3/4 helmets that need to be relined and recushioned. So right now im comin' up with ideas and then hopefully making a maiden voyage outta this lil town to a decent fabric store to grab some supplies up for that. I have the week ahead of me tho and my goal is to finish atleast 4 projects. Been having a long debate with myself about reducing the price on all my jewerly... My sewing machine is just calling my name every morning I wake up and I dont have the time to be messin with pliers and beads anymore. ALSO I put my car up for sale YAY! really want somin new to play with (pre-66 el camino, ranchero, wagon or panel truck) annnnd I'm also hoping with some spare cash I can pick me up an industrial machine on the cheap and start on the seats in the lincoln. *fingers crossed it sells for asking price* Time to go draw some shit up for these helmets.

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