Tuesday, February 28, 2012

shittastic day

(Last Night)
My classy redneck wine glass that my sister got me... and what classier then sparkling arbor mist?
yeah i'm  fancy.

 Kalieb spending time with Gypsi 

Added 3 new skirts to the etsy shop you can check them out HERE

I am about to go insane right now ANOTHER lump has came up on my neck so now i'm just even more uncomfortable and it now just hurts even worst to eat. At this point I think chopping my head off would just solve this problem or just punching myself in the head would feel better then this shit. 
I do not get sick I do not get colds I use to never even get headaches!
I do not complain I really really really don't but I can't breathe right or eat right.
I cant just sit and rest I have a house to maintain, a small business to run and a toddler to chase.
This shit needs to knock it out.... right now.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Doctors and Junk Stores

   This morning was my doctors appointment my incision is doing alot better and in a year I should be able to feel like I've never had the surgery. I'm still swollen and have no feeling in my neck but I already feel like i'm able to eat things alot better. The lump on my jaw is another swollen lymphnoid but he didn't seem concerned about it, the one removed that formed a tumor in it stayed swollen for a good 7 or 8 months so I guess I just gotta give it time and hope it goes down once my body is healed. After the doctors visit Kalieb and I headed to Dalton to a foreign automobile parts shop to check on some stuff for the vw.

We found a really awesome Junk Store called "Junkmans Son" It was a giant warehouse with nothing but JUNK in it and there was some sweet 50s panels parked out front which originally drawed our attention to this place.

It was really fun to just dig thru everything I even picked up a couple 50c things. 
I'm really luck to have a guy who loves digging thru junk as much as I do. 
After here we stopped at another thrift store then got some grub.

I'm going to plant succubi in the vintage candy dish and also the stoneware brown cup.
 I loooove glassware and found a solution last summer to my overload of cups by planting flowers and air plants in them <3
(I also planted basil in vintage 70s crockpots because I loved the funky patterns on them so much)

UPS payed me a visit which means imma have a very very busy day tommorow.

Adios Amigos time to crack into that bottle of sparkling peach wine!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Funday.... as usual!

   Right now I have alot of custom orders to complete and am just waiting on supplies at the moment the post office being closed for a holiday last week really set me back, I probably won't be adding anything new for a week I just really need to get focused on catching up on orders and get things done for the local shop.

  Hooray its Sunday! which means its Kaliebs only off day (even tho I think ive convinced him to star taking off mondays off since the shops been doing so well) It was also a birthday celebration for candi (kaliebs mama) so we did what we do on almost every sunday. Raise hell, Work on shit and Cook some bbq
 (pulled pork, beans with bacon, mac n cheese, homemade red mashed potatos and homemade slaw!)

 Hope everyone had a good sunday!
 Tommorow i'm heading to another drs, appointment then its back to slavin' over the caddy.

My Handsome Man <3

Gene and Kalieb worked on my breaks (thank ya'll!) I really hate it when other people work on my shit just because I dont like feelin like I cant do somin but with the car bein so heavy I needed the brakes to be right, 
The good things about something being broke is once its broke you learn to fix it so when it breaks twice you wont have to ask for help.
Ended the day with Dustin doing a burnout and breaking his bike and Kalieb and Tucker raisin hell doin burnouts in the vw bug, broke the axle.
Normal day for us.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Photo Dump of the Caddy

1960 cadillac

Every piece of my clothing is covered in comet, soap or any other form of a million different types of cleaner I was usin today but damn that baby is shinin'! 
Heres a before picture of the caddy
(keep in mind this was taken after I had already scrubbed a good bit off of it!)

Today I got the inside and outside cleaned, Carpet ripped up and we went this morning and got some lil things for it like a batery and what not. Slapped the battery on and that baby fired right up and even idled, Gonna get some help tommorow with the breaks so we can get this beast stoppin' and a lil adjustin here and there and i'll be damned if im not drivin it in the next couple of days. the interior is awsome, but that cloth seating is gonna go soon so i've already ordered swatchs for some pink vinyl ;)
Actually this is what I ordered so if I like it and i think it'll go well then this will be the middle part of the seats. 
If you truly know me then you know I dont run stock shit!
The headliner is in awesome condition. All the power stuff in it works (radio, interior lights, windows locks)
I'm orderin the carpet for it today then once its runnin' and stoppin' throw some straight pipes on there then its time to sit down with my paint man and discuss the wonderful color pink ;)

If I could leave the windows down in it all the time I would.
This baby has one sweet roof line!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Busy week in the world of Hellcat Mama

    Its been a very busy week for me in these past couple of days I've compeleted 17 new skirts and I'm working on new clutches and coin pouches with key rings now :) ALSO I am in the works of making a dress pattern, I won't offer this dress tho until I can get small,medium and large patterns done because thats just not fair to only offer cuteness in size small. cuteness is one size fits all!

Check out the etsy shop HERE to see all the new stuff I have listed.

So now onto some non-business related stuff
Honestly these past couple of days have been consumed with working on things for the etsy shop/local shop
BUT I have been doin a lil work on lovely caddy <3
Call me physco but when I wanna get shit done I get shit done, Its been sittin for almost a year so has built up some wondrerful layers of mold and just funk. Even tho its was cold and dark I decided to try to scrub off the first layer of filth on her tonight I scrubbed until I couldnt feel my fingers anymore. I know that in these pictures it still looks dirty but if I wouldve taken before pictures you wouldve seen a big difference.

Just a diamond in the rough.
I got her soakin over night in dish soap to degrease it the best I can then in the morning gonna get her cleaned reaaaaaal good inside and out, check the brakes out and hopefully get her cranked. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Action Packed Good News monday!!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day in the neighborhood of kitti today! My sweeeeeet doctor gave me a ring a ling with some good news! I wasnt suppose to find out the test results until the 27th but he got in the results today and wanted to ease my mind to let me know that they came back NEGATIVE! *happy dance* I still have to go in on the 27th to check on the infection annnnd another lump came up on my jaw, it was painful to eat before the mass was removed and now its even more painful to eat with this new lump
 BUT yaaaaaay no hotchkins lymphomia cancer!
 Its amazing how you start to look at life so much differently when something like this happens.
Carpe Diem to the FUCKING max.

What better way to celebrate wonderful news then some strawberry italian ice with the Gypsi !!! YUM!
(excuse the slobby hair and zero make up)

I got the Impala sold today! sold gone, out of my yard, cash in hand time to Cadillac it up.
I have new additions to the bird wall! one addition is from an awesome customer/blog follower!
 (thank you brooke!!!)

 I have had a super duper productive day this is a stack of 11, 99% finished skirts. You may be asking your self, finished? They dont look finished! well.... a twinkle of my nose and a snap of my fingers and they all magically become full ruffly skirts. non-less its taken me all day and I am pooped beyond pooped.
 Moving my sewing machine to the kitchen has been the best thing ive done in a long day.

Finished another lil girl skirt today and this one also has a matching one so it would be a cute mama and daughter set, would be even more adorable for spring pictures :)
Can't wait till the Gypsi and I cant take some mama, daughter pictures together!

Finished this big ol' vintage fabric star wars bag/clutch today!
The star wars fan base blows my mind.
Thankfully tommorow the mail will run I will hopefully be getting more supplies
weeeeeee  I love being on the ball and productive!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Vintage update sneak peak!

 I was going to add all these wonderful goodies to the etsy shop today but its been so gloomy outside I had no sun to take some decent upclose pictures. Heres a lil sneaky peaky for ya'll!

 Today was Kaliebs one off day so he spent it in the garage then fell asleep...
 soooooo I spent it being a bow makin' machine.
 My singer never lets me down. *knocks on wood*

Saturday, February 18, 2012

clean houses, headaches and store fronts.

  Worked on some new bows this morning, My madre and stepdad came into town today. She cleaned my house for me haha thank god because I get zero help here from anyone so it was soooo nice to be able to go out and run errands kid- free and just go hang out at the tattoo shop while my house was being cleaned. I finally feel like my house is back to pre-surgery condition and I feel better myself kinda but it would be alot nicer if I actually had a day kid-free to rest and sleep but that won't happen until I figure out daycare.

  I finally got a glass display case for the tattoo shop!!! WHICH MEANS!!!! I can now sell locally and have a semi- store front :D EEEEKKKKKKK im so excited!!!! right now i'll only be selling jewelry, hair accessories and clutches from the shop but come summer I plan on moving in my garment racks and selling clothing. I'm so excited! I'm having sooo much fun designing displays! now I just have to convince him to give me the little room :)

  So with me going store front I plan on spending this month building up stock, I moved my sewing machine into the kitchen on the bar and rearranged my living room so I can now watch movies while I sew and keep an eye on the lil miss while I sew. Its great because I'm no longer limited to just working during "nap times" this is only temporary but it sure it nice having this big ol' bar to use to iron and cut on.

 The more and more I look at my hair the more and more I love it an actually think i'll be keeping the bangs.

 I have a horrible head ache right now and these antibiotics make me feel like such shit but i still somehow managed to update my blog.

Friday, February 17, 2012

purdy pyrex and a cleaning list by a lady who never cleans

  Spent my wonderful morning at the doctors office and learned that the reason I have been so tired and just bad feeling lately is because I have been running a 103 temp and an infection had set up in my neck. So all my nurse friends were right, thank ya'll who offered advice! I was pretty much just told to take antibiotics to treat staph and stay my ass in bed. WELLLL after I picked up my prescriptions I passed one of my favorite thrift stores... I couldnt ignore it so I had to stop! This beautiful sunflower pyrex set was sooo worth the risk of getting more sick! (not to mention an awsome pair of overalls I picked up also!)

I'm gonna be listing some of my pyrex and other vintage kitchen ware on my etsy shop to make room for this set. My love for vintage kitchen things is out of control...  especially my pyrex collection. 
So in the next week ya'll can buy some of my cuteness for YOUR kitchen.

  With me being so sick lately my house has turned into a pig sty.. specially with having a toddler. I will say tho that my house is hardly perfectly clean... I HAVE A TODDLER (i dont feel so bad about my house being messy with I just keep telling myself that I have a toddler) So I sat down today and made a master list of cleaning for the house so when I do get better I can just check off things i've done and plus I literally can't function without lists. I decided to share with ya'll incase anyone is gearing up for spring cleaning and needs a boost! (you can click on the picture to enlarge it)

   Dollar tree has these AWSOME super handy baskets right now that comes in super adorable colors (pink, blue, yellow and green) best of all they are all only a 1$ some of them even come in packs of 2 and 4!
 Some ideas I had for these are for organizing under the bathroom sink, ontop of the dryer for lost socks or things found in pockets, for snacks to set on the counter, bath toys or other small toys such as blocks, make up or nail polish and some of the smaller ones I plan on using in my work room for buttons, saftey pins, bobbins, sewing foots and other various little odds n ends.
 Another trick is to drill small holes in the bottom, add gravel, then soil and use them as flower pots
 These are cute, dirt cheap and you can never have enough baskets!

  When I was in the grocery store last week i discovered this ugly grapefruit, which I later discovered is actually a fruit called "ugli" isnt that adorable? Has anyone ever tried one of these?
 I decided to pull it out today and figure it out

I cut it like a grape fruit because I couldnt figure out any other way to eat it haha. Its a mix between a lemon and an orange, its delicious and they are in season now! so if you've never had one before next time your at the store, pick one up. I wish I could eat a new fruit every week, but I was shocked enough that this small town had these.

The ups man paid me a visit today! which means there will be new things hittin' the shop early next week :)
Hope everyone has a super duper fantastic weekend! 
It will be raining all weekend here 
(perfect cleaning weather!)

Thursday, February 16, 2012


 Kalieb finally got his bike runnin' right again, went down the road and realized he had a broke frame, he welded that up last night so this morning he was itching to ride... of course it was raining but he said fuck it and rode to our family breakfast thing this morning while I drove... bless his heart I love him.

  Got orders shipped out today and The Gypsi and I spent some time with daddy at work... then she started drawing on walls and ripping down signs so we were nicely shooed out the door to go home hehe

   I got another star wars skirt complete!

  I have soooo many new exciting things that are about to hit the shop! I can't wait for everyone to see, I would give you a hint or a sneaky peaky but I already have enough copy cats out there I dont need anymore until they are listed for sale! I should have atleast one of these awsome things completed by next week <3

SOOOOOOO  I got a lil crazy.... okay alot crazy and decided to trim my dead ends.... um  that turned into cutting off like 4 inches annnnd theeeen my bangs.... :) its safe to say it needs to grow back a lil
 if you've gone crazy and you know it clap your hands! *clap clap*