Saturday, February 25, 2012

Photo Dump of the Caddy

1960 cadillac

Every piece of my clothing is covered in comet, soap or any other form of a million different types of cleaner I was usin today but damn that baby is shinin'! 
Heres a before picture of the caddy
(keep in mind this was taken after I had already scrubbed a good bit off of it!)

Today I got the inside and outside cleaned, Carpet ripped up and we went this morning and got some lil things for it like a batery and what not. Slapped the battery on and that baby fired right up and even idled, Gonna get some help tommorow with the breaks so we can get this beast stoppin' and a lil adjustin here and there and i'll be damned if im not drivin it in the next couple of days. the interior is awsome, but that cloth seating is gonna go soon so i've already ordered swatchs for some pink vinyl ;)
Actually this is what I ordered so if I like it and i think it'll go well then this will be the middle part of the seats. 
If you truly know me then you know I dont run stock shit!
The headliner is in awesome condition. All the power stuff in it works (radio, interior lights, windows locks)
I'm orderin the carpet for it today then once its runnin' and stoppin' throw some straight pipes on there then its time to sit down with my paint man and discuss the wonderful color pink ;)

If I could leave the windows down in it all the time I would.
This baby has one sweet roof line!

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