Monday, February 13, 2012

My day in pictures

Enjoyed mocha coffee from my new adorable thrifted mug<3
Added more birds to my bird wall
Painted my fridge seafoam green
This was not planned one bit so neither were supplies
Spent some much needed time with throttle in the windy cold weather
Kalieb didn't open the shop today to spend time with me, 
but parts for his bike came in so that went out the window haha.
I got in new fabric today today tho <3
Kalieb traded his truck for this 71 bug.
Now im spending a normal night with the hooligans <3


  1. Love the fridge! what kind of paint did you use? Also, what kind of ride on toy is that in the last picture? I think it is just darling. I've been in the market for a wooden ride on toy for my son, and this would be too perfect.

    1. Thanks! I used housepaint that I just had layin around nuttin fancy, its a radio flyer it came from ether thrift store or yardsale so im not sure where you can get one at and im not sure if its old or not im sure you could google to find out tho! :)

    2. Oh, wow! I had no idea you coul paint thm with regular housepaint. That is a really great idea! Thank you! I just found one on etsy for $30.00. I couldn't find any information on it though. :D