Saturday, February 18, 2012

clean houses, headaches and store fronts.

  Worked on some new bows this morning, My madre and stepdad came into town today. She cleaned my house for me haha thank god because I get zero help here from anyone so it was soooo nice to be able to go out and run errands kid- free and just go hang out at the tattoo shop while my house was being cleaned. I finally feel like my house is back to pre-surgery condition and I feel better myself kinda but it would be alot nicer if I actually had a day kid-free to rest and sleep but that won't happen until I figure out daycare.

  I finally got a glass display case for the tattoo shop!!! WHICH MEANS!!!! I can now sell locally and have a semi- store front :D EEEEKKKKKKK im so excited!!!! right now i'll only be selling jewelry, hair accessories and clutches from the shop but come summer I plan on moving in my garment racks and selling clothing. I'm so excited! I'm having sooo much fun designing displays! now I just have to convince him to give me the little room :)

  So with me going store front I plan on spending this month building up stock, I moved my sewing machine into the kitchen on the bar and rearranged my living room so I can now watch movies while I sew and keep an eye on the lil miss while I sew. Its great because I'm no longer limited to just working during "nap times" this is only temporary but it sure it nice having this big ol' bar to use to iron and cut on.

 The more and more I look at my hair the more and more I love it an actually think i'll be keeping the bangs.

 I have a horrible head ache right now and these antibiotics make me feel like such shit but i still somehow managed to update my blog.

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