Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Slap Worn Out!

  Today I woke up thinking I felt super duper awsome and was convinced that I was 100% healed so I decided to load me and the Gypsi up and head to Cartersville to do some thrift shoppin and pick up some supplies for the tattoo shop. I had suuuch an awsome day with her she is suuuuch a good kid then we got to enjoy lunch with Kalieb well we ate lunch in the back of the tattoo shop haha.
We are broker then broke right now because of my surgery so 
I gave myself a 10$ limit I would say I did AWSOME.
Received my goodies from Fecal Friends!!! They are the SHIT! hehe thank you Kim!!!
I always welcome barters! It never hurts to ask!
After many many requests I now have toddler skirts size 12month to 4t!
I now also have ADORABLE tattoo flash skirts!

So I tottaly over did it today and now feel horrible I also cracked my cut and started to bleed again ugh so I am back sitting in the recliner in pain waiting for kalieb to come home so I can take my pain meds. 

 AFTER my drs appointment friday we are going to go peep at a 1960 caddy ive had my eye on. Hopefully gettin the impala sold this weekend so I can start on a new project! I've just polished the impala enough and did alot to it and just want somin new to tinker with I kinda just wanna re-do 2012 over and start all fresh.
It needs some work and has been sittin a year but I do believe I'm the right gal to give it all the lovin' and carin' it deserves <3 *fingers crossed*

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