Monday, February 20, 2012

Action Packed Good News monday!!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day in the neighborhood of kitti today! My sweeeeeet doctor gave me a ring a ling with some good news! I wasnt suppose to find out the test results until the 27th but he got in the results today and wanted to ease my mind to let me know that they came back NEGATIVE! *happy dance* I still have to go in on the 27th to check on the infection annnnd another lump came up on my jaw, it was painful to eat before the mass was removed and now its even more painful to eat with this new lump
 BUT yaaaaaay no hotchkins lymphomia cancer!
 Its amazing how you start to look at life so much differently when something like this happens.
Carpe Diem to the FUCKING max.

What better way to celebrate wonderful news then some strawberry italian ice with the Gypsi !!! YUM!
(excuse the slobby hair and zero make up)

I got the Impala sold today! sold gone, out of my yard, cash in hand time to Cadillac it up.
I have new additions to the bird wall! one addition is from an awesome customer/blog follower!
 (thank you brooke!!!)

 I have had a super duper productive day this is a stack of 11, 99% finished skirts. You may be asking your self, finished? They dont look finished! well.... a twinkle of my nose and a snap of my fingers and they all magically become full ruffly skirts. non-less its taken me all day and I am pooped beyond pooped.
 Moving my sewing machine to the kitchen has been the best thing ive done in a long day.

Finished another lil girl skirt today and this one also has a matching one so it would be a cute mama and daughter set, would be even more adorable for spring pictures :)
Can't wait till the Gypsi and I cant take some mama, daughter pictures together!

Finished this big ol' vintage fabric star wars bag/clutch today!
The star wars fan base blows my mind.
Thankfully tommorow the mail will run I will hopefully be getting more supplies
weeeeeee  I love being on the ball and productive!

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  1. YAY! for such good news! I hope they take care of your pain issues with that other lump ASAP so you can get back to feeling normal.