Wednesday, February 15, 2012

mardi gras in a box, paper dollies, frankensteeeeeeein and I spy a sawed off.

  Woooohooooo hope everyone is having/had a super duper hump day! Nana came and got the gypsi this morning so I spent my morning trying to catch the fabric store open. It is seriously never open..... and the closest other fabric store is 45 minutes away its very annoying I did go thrifting while waiting for this stupid store to open that never did open.... I've been there once since I moved to this lil ass town and I try to go every week... I usually just try to order everything off line but it sure would be nice to have something local.

  Anywhos when I got home from my failed fabric quest (semi-failed did get cute things at the thrift store) I had a big ol box from my dad waiting for me on the front door (he lives in mobile, along with my sister) It a box of mardi gras!!! yaaaaaaaaaay it made my day :)

 wooohoooo MARDI GRAS!!!

 This morning Kalieb took a few photos of me for the etsy shop. I defiantly realize that when purchasing clothing onlne that its alot easier to make your decision if you see it on an actual body and not just a mannequin so I got a few done today I will try to get the rest done by sunday.

Do you rember my post about the heart shaped dollie papers I got for 75c that are now hanging all over my wall? welllll while I was at dollar tree this morning I found these adorable tulip ones! there are 40 in each pack... and its dollar tree so everything is a dollar! I love that place and paper dollies. I thought these would be cute to hang or write notes on to customers or anyone else :)

 It was a beautiful day outside today in the upper 60s! I always love it when I can get things done in the work room with the door open, its so refreshing!

I did complete a new skirt today, this frankenstein skirt. I have 3 of these available and still time to put in a custom order. This fabric is discontinued so once its gone it gone. I spent all day just completing paid orders and packaging them up. I hope I get some time soon to sit down and work on nothing but new stuff.
 Can't wait to show everyone what I have up my sleeeeeve. hehe.

p.s- lets play a lil game of eye spy... in one of these pictures is a sawed off shotgun.

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