Monday, February 27, 2012

Doctors and Junk Stores

   This morning was my doctors appointment my incision is doing alot better and in a year I should be able to feel like I've never had the surgery. I'm still swollen and have no feeling in my neck but I already feel like i'm able to eat things alot better. The lump on my jaw is another swollen lymphnoid but he didn't seem concerned about it, the one removed that formed a tumor in it stayed swollen for a good 7 or 8 months so I guess I just gotta give it time and hope it goes down once my body is healed. After the doctors visit Kalieb and I headed to Dalton to a foreign automobile parts shop to check on some stuff for the vw.

We found a really awesome Junk Store called "Junkmans Son" It was a giant warehouse with nothing but JUNK in it and there was some sweet 50s panels parked out front which originally drawed our attention to this place.

It was really fun to just dig thru everything I even picked up a couple 50c things. 
I'm really luck to have a guy who loves digging thru junk as much as I do. 
After here we stopped at another thrift store then got some grub.

I'm going to plant succubi in the vintage candy dish and also the stoneware brown cup.
 I loooove glassware and found a solution last summer to my overload of cups by planting flowers and air plants in them <3
(I also planted basil in vintage 70s crockpots because I loved the funky patterns on them so much)

UPS payed me a visit which means imma have a very very busy day tommorow.

Adios Amigos time to crack into that bottle of sparkling peach wine!


  1. Replies
    1. Its kinda off by its self but you can find it by lookin for the panel trucks out front next to it is also a good sized thrift store its also all right next to downtown where all the antique shops are and what not, I don't know what road its on but im sure you can google it

    2. If im not mistaken I believe dalton is also where the big salvation army is also