Thursday, February 16, 2012


 Kalieb finally got his bike runnin' right again, went down the road and realized he had a broke frame, he welded that up last night so this morning he was itching to ride... of course it was raining but he said fuck it and rode to our family breakfast thing this morning while I drove... bless his heart I love him.

  Got orders shipped out today and The Gypsi and I spent some time with daddy at work... then she started drawing on walls and ripping down signs so we were nicely shooed out the door to go home hehe

   I got another star wars skirt complete!

  I have soooo many new exciting things that are about to hit the shop! I can't wait for everyone to see, I would give you a hint or a sneaky peaky but I already have enough copy cats out there I dont need anymore until they are listed for sale! I should have atleast one of these awsome things completed by next week <3

SOOOOOOO  I got a lil crazy.... okay alot crazy and decided to trim my dead ends.... um  that turned into cutting off like 4 inches annnnd theeeen my bangs.... :) its safe to say it needs to grow back a lil
 if you've gone crazy and you know it clap your hands! *clap clap*



  1. Oh Kat,
    I love yoooouuu! Because you actually have the guts to just randomly cut your hair off lol. Brings me back to the high school days of you and your shaved head!

    1. hahaha I love you heather! I have never cut my hair since I had shaved my head bald.... so I actually just cut off 4 inches of what I worked so hard to grow out hahaha fuuuck it... its hair it grows...

  2. I LOVE the bangs! Super cute! :)