Friday, February 24, 2012

Busy week in the world of Hellcat Mama

    Its been a very busy week for me in these past couple of days I've compeleted 17 new skirts and I'm working on new clutches and coin pouches with key rings now :) ALSO I am in the works of making a dress pattern, I won't offer this dress tho until I can get small,medium and large patterns done because thats just not fair to only offer cuteness in size small. cuteness is one size fits all!

Check out the etsy shop HERE to see all the new stuff I have listed.

So now onto some non-business related stuff
Honestly these past couple of days have been consumed with working on things for the etsy shop/local shop
BUT I have been doin a lil work on lovely caddy <3
Call me physco but when I wanna get shit done I get shit done, Its been sittin for almost a year so has built up some wondrerful layers of mold and just funk. Even tho its was cold and dark I decided to try to scrub off the first layer of filth on her tonight I scrubbed until I couldnt feel my fingers anymore. I know that in these pictures it still looks dirty but if I wouldve taken before pictures you wouldve seen a big difference.

Just a diamond in the rough.
I got her soakin over night in dish soap to degrease it the best I can then in the morning gonna get her cleaned reaaaaaal good inside and out, check the brakes out and hopefully get her cranked. 

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