Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Funday.... as usual!

   Right now I have alot of custom orders to complete and am just waiting on supplies at the moment the post office being closed for a holiday last week really set me back, I probably won't be adding anything new for a week I just really need to get focused on catching up on orders and get things done for the local shop.

  Hooray its Sunday! which means its Kaliebs only off day (even tho I think ive convinced him to star taking off mondays off since the shops been doing so well) It was also a birthday celebration for candi (kaliebs mama) so we did what we do on almost every sunday. Raise hell, Work on shit and Cook some bbq
 (pulled pork, beans with bacon, mac n cheese, homemade red mashed potatos and homemade slaw!)

 Hope everyone had a good sunday!
 Tommorow i'm heading to another drs, appointment then its back to slavin' over the caddy.

My Handsome Man <3

Gene and Kalieb worked on my breaks (thank ya'll!) I really hate it when other people work on my shit just because I dont like feelin like I cant do somin but with the car bein so heavy I needed the brakes to be right, 
The good things about something being broke is once its broke you learn to fix it so when it breaks twice you wont have to ask for help.
Ended the day with Dustin doing a burnout and breaking his bike and Kalieb and Tucker raisin hell doin burnouts in the vw bug, broke the axle.
Normal day for us.


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  2. This looks like so much fun! Maybe I'll get to join you guys one of these Sunday Fundays. Love you!

    1. I hope you can join one day!!! love you!