Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy mushy gushy lovey dovey day!

    My oh so lovely man this morning went down the road and over yonder to a lil hole in the wall food joint called simply southern and got us breakfast <3 aint a better way to my heart then a big ol pile of biscuits and gravy! Since he is a tattoo artist he goes into work at 12 and stays late so we knew we couldnt have valentines dinner so instead we had an at home valentines breakfast with our weeeee lil one <3

  He was also nice enough to run to the store this morning and get me another toothbrush since I had used mine to paint the fridge... and also picked me up a rose while he was there, first time hes ever bought me flowers or uh flower. Its cute I love it.

 For my sweet sweet man I made him this big ol' collage of awsomeness <3 

  We might give eachother so much hell day in and day out but damnnit we are perfect for eachother. I love that man so much and would be lost with out him. Its so great having someone in my life who we can both feed off of eachothers creative energy. I love him.

I decided since it WAS valentines day that my lil love bug deserved some chocolate.

    Kaliebs grandmother (nana) is watching the Gypsi for me tommorow so I will completing orders and working on new things! so be on the look out for a shop update tommorow. I have alot of new fabric thats just waitin for some lovin. I'm also in the process of getting new photos of everything done maybe I can get to that complete also.

   I hope everyone is having an awsome valentines day!
 wether you are single or not there has to be someone or something on this earth you love. 


  1. Happy Valenitne's Day, Kitti!
    PS< I got a tattoo with Dave a week or so ago, it's a tiny heart, and I pray for you every time I look at it. Hope you're feeling good and kickin' ass :)

    1. Happy Valentines day!!!!! that is sooooo super duper AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you :) I do feel like i'm kickin ass and takin names.... after a nap of course.... haha.

  2. You guys are such a cute couple! Happy Valentines Day!

    1. Aww thanks!! happy one day late valentines day!