Friday, February 17, 2012

purdy pyrex and a cleaning list by a lady who never cleans

  Spent my wonderful morning at the doctors office and learned that the reason I have been so tired and just bad feeling lately is because I have been running a 103 temp and an infection had set up in my neck. So all my nurse friends were right, thank ya'll who offered advice! I was pretty much just told to take antibiotics to treat staph and stay my ass in bed. WELLLL after I picked up my prescriptions I passed one of my favorite thrift stores... I couldnt ignore it so I had to stop! This beautiful sunflower pyrex set was sooo worth the risk of getting more sick! (not to mention an awsome pair of overalls I picked up also!)

I'm gonna be listing some of my pyrex and other vintage kitchen ware on my etsy shop to make room for this set. My love for vintage kitchen things is out of control...  especially my pyrex collection. 
So in the next week ya'll can buy some of my cuteness for YOUR kitchen.

  With me being so sick lately my house has turned into a pig sty.. specially with having a toddler. I will say tho that my house is hardly perfectly clean... I HAVE A TODDLER (i dont feel so bad about my house being messy with I just keep telling myself that I have a toddler) So I sat down today and made a master list of cleaning for the house so when I do get better I can just check off things i've done and plus I literally can't function without lists. I decided to share with ya'll incase anyone is gearing up for spring cleaning and needs a boost! (you can click on the picture to enlarge it)

   Dollar tree has these AWSOME super handy baskets right now that comes in super adorable colors (pink, blue, yellow and green) best of all they are all only a 1$ some of them even come in packs of 2 and 4!
 Some ideas I had for these are for organizing under the bathroom sink, ontop of the dryer for lost socks or things found in pockets, for snacks to set on the counter, bath toys or other small toys such as blocks, make up or nail polish and some of the smaller ones I plan on using in my work room for buttons, saftey pins, bobbins, sewing foots and other various little odds n ends.
 Another trick is to drill small holes in the bottom, add gravel, then soil and use them as flower pots
 These are cute, dirt cheap and you can never have enough baskets!

  When I was in the grocery store last week i discovered this ugly grapefruit, which I later discovered is actually a fruit called "ugli" isnt that adorable? Has anyone ever tried one of these?
 I decided to pull it out today and figure it out

I cut it like a grape fruit because I couldnt figure out any other way to eat it haha. Its a mix between a lemon and an orange, its delicious and they are in season now! so if you've never had one before next time your at the store, pick one up. I wish I could eat a new fruit every week, but I was shocked enough that this small town had these.

The ups man paid me a visit today! which means there will be new things hittin' the shop early next week :)
Hope everyone has a super duper fantastic weekend! 
It will be raining all weekend here 
(perfect cleaning weather!)

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  1. Great thrift haul! I collect vintage dishes, bakeware, linens, furniture, etc, so I love seeing stuff like this. I have a little Pyrex collection going myself :)