Tuesday, February 28, 2012

shittastic day

(Last Night)
My classy redneck wine glass that my sister got me... and what classier then sparkling arbor mist?
yeah i'm  fancy.

 Kalieb spending time with Gypsi 

Added 3 new skirts to the etsy shop you can check them out HERE

I am about to go insane right now ANOTHER lump has came up on my neck so now i'm just even more uncomfortable and it now just hurts even worst to eat. At this point I think chopping my head off would just solve this problem or just punching myself in the head would feel better then this shit. 
I do not get sick I do not get colds I use to never even get headaches!
I do not complain I really really really don't but I can't breathe right or eat right.
I cant just sit and rest I have a house to maintain, a small business to run and a toddler to chase.
This shit needs to knock it out.... right now.

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