Thursday, March 1, 2012

succulents, booty shorts and careers.

Thursday! which means post office run to mail orders, the post office people I think hate me because of how much stuff I always bring them to process, BUT I keep hearing about how usps is doing so bad and we may not have post offices anymore so I cant find it in my heart YET to give ups or fedex my money.

Planted some succulents in some vintage containers.
These are my absolute hands down most favorite plants EVER, they are hard to kill 
(just dont over water them or put in the direct sun or they will die)
They are just so quirky and I think go perfectly with my vintage dishware collection!

We had amazing weather today! 
So of course feeling all summer-ish my green thumb kicked in.
I made a lil redneck flower bed.

And I even scrubbed on the caddy a bit and ripped out some more insulation, Once I can find a baby sitter for a decent amount of time I can get the seats unbolted the rest of the carpet ripped out and lay the new carpet in, but I guess for right now I can just work in lil increments at a time cleaning what I can out.

Gypsi Roses allergies are going nuts so we had to come back inside for the rest of the day,
 then she decided to wear my beani and vroom vroom around the house

So as I do every 2 or 11 times a year I contemplate my career choices. 
Automotive upholstery is still top of my mind it will just be slower for me to get to where I wanna be because I have noone to teach me or guide me. I also have been having a hard time finding a reasonable priced industrial sewing machine BESIDES all that i've been considering getting certified in something, as a just incase something happened and I needed to get a "job where federal taxes are taken out" (I hate when people say "real job")Kinda like a plan b in life incase one day Kalieb isnt here and I would have to support The Gypsi and I.I was scrolling the list of all the stupid shit you can do at a technical college. The one thing that really caught my attention was just something that I can already do I cant lay some pretty dimes but I can do it and that is Welding. So I do believe that I am about to embark in the process to get my ass back in a school. 
I gotta figure out how to get the government to pay for it 
then I'll be on a roll to whoopin ass and takin names.

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  1. I, too, am contemplating what to do and when and how I can go back to school. I am getting divorced, and so far am having the hardest time finding FT employment. Good luck in getting back in school!