Saturday, March 10, 2012

hellcat mama semi-hiatus, purple hair, bootylicious-ness and other random shit.

Thursday, I got all my orders shipped. Which means that was the last of the orders just placed in my etsy shop. I now have a helmet to reline, crib bumber to recover and a welding cap to make before I can REALLY consider myself on "break" and truly relax.

Cooked some homemade red beans and rice it was super awesome
(would've been even more awesome if I had someone to share it with)
(and why yes that is a 2 headed eagle in my bowl)

Died my hair temporary purple! I just put the purple over top of the faded blue. Waiting for my hair to grow another inch or two then i'll rebleach it and re-do the teal and leave in some purple also
(excuse the no make up)

Friday, My mom and Stepdad came over from Alabama.
Woo Hoo!! I need to head back to bama to visit instead of them always havin to come here
I attempted to once again get a drivers license but now its just more bullshit about somin about an alabama driving record. So ya know what? You dont wanna give me a license then FINE my ass is still cruisin.
I got places to go, people to see and a caddy that doesnt need to be sittin in my yard just lookin pretty.

Today (Saturday)
My mother-in-law went to an estate sale and brought me back some cool ass stuff!
The old man that died, died from having a mechanical plastic surgery on his dick!
he was dating a 24yr old mexican and wanted to be able to get it up.
he died 60 days after the surgery. sad.
 but you cant help but giggle.
adorable pyrex

And last but not least I sent a picture of my ass today to Show Class Magazine in an attempt to win free shit.
I would do just about anything for free things.

white trash and proud.

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  1. Bahahaha,
    I love that you sent a picture of your ass to a magazine, to get free stuff. Hilarious. You are one of a kind!