Monday, March 12, 2012

vw junkyard, thriftin', package from the sister and a box of free vintage fabric.

Today I had a very very eventful day with Kalieb, we struck it out to a junkyard of vws. He picked up some brake drums and running boards. It was fun to just dig around and explore. The old man who owned the yard was soooo nice and gave us a good deal on everything!

(that bus was full to the top of parts but that man knew exactly where everything was he walked right over it and opened it up and pulled out some stuff we were askin' about haha)

We went to a thrift store then to this weird warehouse that i'm pretty sure we weren't suppose to be around noneless walk into it but we are all about an adventure and it seemed cool so... fuck it. 
there was this neato old firetruck sitting outside along with a bunch of other random stuff

Didnt find alot of awsomeness at the thrift stores picked up a flower vase, trucker hat (which I got for tucker) and motorcycle mirrors. I did get me an adorable dress and Gypsi Rose some adorable dresses also!

We searched that thrift store high and low for the middle pieces but couldn't find them its still just as cool tho!

weeeeeeeeee!!! The only good part of my sister living 6 hours away is getting awesome packages from her!!
How badass is all this? and getting a package in the mail is way better then christmas.

A lady my MIL knows mother passed away and she gave me all her vintage fabric for free. yay!

Kalieb decided to fix and wash the bug..... in the rain. 

I also got a new pair of overalls today!

Yeaaaaaaaah today was the shit. 
Now its time to watch water for elephants with the man.

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  1. That junkyard pretty much looks like heaven. I sent you a fb message about me getting a new pair of overalls today too! I was SO excited! Water for Elephants is a great movie :)