Friday, March 2, 2012

new business cards, babies in dryers and tornaders

New business cards I was pretty sure I was going to hate them but I actually really love them!
You can swing by the shop (junkyard tattoo) and pick you up some

weeeeeeeeeeee why do kids love playing in dryers so much?
I always think of the movie Rocket Man that part where hes in the washer and pretending like hes in a rocket ship going to outerspace, and if you have ever seen the movie Rocket Man then you are AWSOME.
If you have not then netflix it, its HILARIOUS. 

I thought when I moved out of Alabama I wouldn't have to deal with this tornado shit anymore?
Looks like tonight i'll be holding down the fort and keepin' an eye out for them funnel clouds.
severe weather can kiss my ass.


  1. We got hit pretty hard here in Meridianville, but thankfully my family and I were lucky enough to elude injury and property damage once more. Viva la crazy southern weather! (I love it as long as I'm not driving in it, or in the direct path of something that can kill me.)