Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Holy Shit.

I had myself stocked up on coffee to do some major pedalin on the sewin machine these next 2 days 
(20+ orders to ship out by Thursday!)
My sweet little Gypsi Rose has had a runny nose and cough these past couple of days, but I just thought it was allergies because shes never gotten sick. Boy oh Boy at 3am she had me all worried throwing up everytime she coughed and she would lose her breath when she did cough and I would have a mini heart attack each time. Poor little baby was coughing so hard she busted all her vains underneath of her eyes.
So a trip to the E.R told us that she was RSV which could take anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks to heal!
It isnt anything major its just like a really really bad cold that lasts for like EVER.
The big problem is that shes under 2 which means she can't take any medicine :(
so I made the decision to shut the online shop down temporary until shes all better. All orders placed will be shipped out on Thursday as scheduled.  This is where the coffee part kicks in, its like having a newborn all over again she sleeps in 30minute intervals then wakes up screaming and crying, and its safe to say I've had only 4 hours of sleep SO I do believe I wont be sleeping tonight ether just so I can finish these orders.

Maybe I will have time now tho (once I get orders completed) to work on things for myself like this damn quilt that I will never ever finish or a skirt for myeslf.
More then likely not tho. I cant wait to be able to support myself .

AND here are some photos from Sunday Funday that I didn't have a chance to post

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