Monday, March 26, 2012

set up at the tattoo shop, picnic by the creek and some fun on the playground

Set up shop today at Junkyard Tattoo!! I feel really good that atleast now im semi- helping pay rent for the shop... It took me long enough to convince Kalieb but he can never tell me no. For now I just have alot of my older things up there for sale once some of this sells i'll add some newer items. Once we find a good place to make prints of some of his water colors then we will have some of those for sale also, any suggestions?

Kalieb has been a butthead to me these past couple days (his back hurting makes him an asshole)
so I reckon' he made up for it today by having us a picnic (sonic) by the creek 
It was such a beautiful day out!

Then we went to go pick up our lil miss after we had our "us time"

Kalieb and Tucker crossed off more on the to do build list

Loaded up, grabbed some kickass slushies from the gas station and headed to the playground!

Orders ship out tommorow which means I need to bust ass tonight/tommorow morning.
 For now I will chow the fuck down on this pizza I had delivered and possibly watch rum diaries with the man 

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