Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Funday

Today was OKAY it wasnt really as exciting as usual sundays. Left in the morning to run errands and drive a million miles to a stupid fabric store. When I got back they had pulled Tuckers bike off of the table. It looks really good! Can't wait till Kalieb starts on bike #3, whenever that may be. Hopefully one day he'll own that panhead he always dreamed about. The caddy had its maiden-ish voyage today down the road and then down another road kalieb drove it out of the driveway because 1. the throttle was hanging up and 2. because the brakes tend to go out but half way down the road I made that mother fucker pull over and let me drive my car the right way. Sometimes you just gotta dog the shit outta a car to clean the carb, right? right. 
I can't wait till its a runnin' 100% it needs a lil more brake work, its part of the bittersweetness of an old car being a daily driver, When it breaks you have nothing else to drive but when its drivin it sure it a beauty.

Tucker rollin' his bike out in the sun to see it in all its glory.

annnnnd heres some fabric i've collected over the past week im about to get started on cuttin right now 

Tommorow Kalieb and I are headin out to a junkyard thats nothing but vws (we gotta find it first) and then to some thrift stores. Hopefully i'll have some excited pictures to post tommorow.

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