Monday, March 19, 2012

Throttle, 2nd session on the stomach, paint for the caddy in hand and a goody bag of cool shit for my man

Took a walk this morning with throttle across from my house, this is one of the good parts of living in the country plus its a great way to start your morning.

Kalieb worked on my stomach today, this was its 2nd session about 1hr and a half of work.
Next session will be to add the roses on top and figure out what to put in the hood of the cobra.

Went and got paint for the caddy today, Pink and Seafoam! 
Gonna do the whole car metallic seafoam green with pink flames. Caddys gonna go fast or atleast look like its gonna 

Kalieb taped off the flames just so we could see how it would look, of course once we lay the paint it'll look better and more planned out but i'm tottaly diggin' it!

So because I am the coolest girlfriend ever I made this awsome "your the shit" bag of awsomeness for Kalieb 
Vintage leather tool bag (which I stuffed everything in) some leather workin' tools and some other stuff

I put everything in the bag then layed it on the bed and told him I had a suprise for him on the bed

The etsy shop is officially back open! you can visit it here
Tommorow imma be working on new things <3

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