Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yesterdays, caddy progress and other random shit.

Finally got around to layin the carpet in the caddy, I just gotta trim it a lil and screw all the shit back in
(holy shit at the amount of bolts and wiring I had to cut holes in the carpet for)
I need someone fat to sit in the seat while I bolt it back in so if anyone wants to come over and sit while I bolt everything back on you are more then welcome to. Once I got all this in I was feelin' a lil froggy and went to rip the exhaust off but the clamps are rusted tight (pb blaster didnt move shit) so then I grabbed the angle grinder and was just gonna cut the sons of a bitches off but theres no cutting wheels. The car gods just didnt see it fit for me to weld some straight pipes on her yesterday. Better luck tommorow!
Also got insurance for it today so technically I can now drive it and work all the bugs out on the way.
Which I don't know why I waited for insurance to drive it because I don't even have a drivers license so it really doesn't even fuckin matter, but i'm just now realizing this as I type.
 I'll get one... one day or when the popo pops me maybe that'll light a fire under my ass.
oh fuck it.

My darlin' lil Gypsi is the best helper ever, one day she's gonna blow everyone outta the water.
Tattoo artist, Leather worker, Bike builder, Pinstriper, Upholstery and just an all around badass fabricator you name it shes gonna kick ass at it. Badass is in her blood.

Finished this skirt you can check it out here

My wonderful man (Kalieb Crowder) did this Tattoo on Nick
you can check out the shop here

Another night of adjusting valves on the ironhead. You would think after the 10th time of him adjustin those bastards he would get the right tools to pop those covers back on.
I do love that greasy headed dirt ass with all my lil black heart tho I would be lost without him.

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