Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Money Honey

   Got all the orders shipped today, fiddled around at the tattoo shop a lil. Came home, got to sewin' and that son of a bitch startin' smokin, so currently I have my machine in pieces and i'm determined to get it rigged CUZ I GOT SHIT TO DO. mother fuckin' heavy duty my asshole! I am in such desperate need of an industrial machine
I need somin I can rip and roar on all day.

I need money for 1. an industrial sewing machine because that is my ONE source of income. 
(blah blah blah besides the tattoo shop, but im ready to start on bike and automotive interior SO BAD)
AND 2. New exhaust on the caddy plus other lil stuff because that is my ONE source of transportation.

Use coupon code "CADILLAC" to save 15% off your total order on my etsy shop!!
you can visit it HERE

I'm also still relining helmets for 40$

Once supplies come in this week imma be relining a set of hard case saddle bags and it got me thinking
how kickass would it be if one of them was a cooler! I even thought up in my head how I could add a drain plug on the bottom and how to insulate it and everything... keep your beer cold while you ride!
If anyones interested in this let me know!!

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