Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Funday and some progress on the caddy

Today we planned on doing a real simple oil change on the caddy plus some other lil things 
(changed plug wires blah blah blah blah little shit that will nickle and dime the shit out of you)
Could not for the life of us get the damn old oil filter off, everyone had a go tryin' to get it off, ol' Uncle troy tho came and saved the day that old bastard got it off in 5 minutes. After the oil filter problem was solved, I finished ripping all the insulation out, Nick and Kalieb swept all the little rusty pieces left out of it, then I rolled down some truck bed liner to keep it sealed before I lay the carpet.  Theres one hole that I need to patch then floor work will pretty much be complete.

Heres a helmet I relined last weeeeek

And heres a picture of the boys and lil gypsi strollin' through home depot

AND I got some green flake vinyl sittin' in my work room that i'm debatin' on doin the bottom half of my door panels in, I figured if I stick with my pink paint scheme that green would look good wth it and then if I just go black with it, it'll look good that way also, hell i'll more than likely be rollin' in some primer for a while anyway.

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