Wednesday, January 25, 2012

whats happenin' at the hellcat mama home front

    So this has been a super eventful week so far, came up with these super adorable hair bow clips, imma sell them in a set of 2 for 5$ and I will also offer a variety set also. woohoo. hopefully gettin those up at the end of the week, if I can get the energy to get my sick bum off the couch. The lil Gypsi and I have been super sick this week!

Heres a few different fabrics I ordered last week should be getting these in soon
 (officially used up the gift card my awsome grandma got me! boooo!)
how cute is this????
 I want to make everything out of this!
 I got this fabric after I had seen this picture of this bear I found online. I geuss you could say I was inspired by the picture to create something to resemble it. I'm excited to see what I come up with and see how I did in comparision.

  Nooooow for the not so fun news, Today I was scheduled my appointment to have a mass of sorts removed from my neck on feb. 2nd. I'm a little bit alot freaked out for 2 reasons. 1 being that they are having to move two very sensitive nerves in order to get to the mass and those two nerves are the one that controls my tongue and the one that controls my mouth... but hey atleast I could still blog ;) and 2. being that I shouldnt of watched the movie "awake" last month!!! eeeeeeeeekkkk! never watch that movie ever! being put under scared the absolute poop outta me.

  Lookey here I even posted a picture for ya'll to oogle and google at!!! this is an mri of my face like if you were just standing infront of me looking at me. the big white blob on the left is the mass. yucky right? I'm still extremly fascinated by it tho and if they didnt have to send it off to have it tested for cancer knowing me I would probaly ask to keep it.

  So what is Hellcat Mama gonna do while i'm recooping from surgery?
My ultimate game plan is before my surgery day fight thru this crud and get as much sewing done as i possibly can so I can have a good running stock of things, I do NOT want to put the shop on vacation by no means so if worst comes to worst orders might be a week late but you will be notified.

  Our only source of income besides that is the tattoo shop (junkyard tattoo) we are gonna kinda be in a rut from having to close the shop down so kalieb can take care of me. I will have a drain hooked to my neck and the hospital is 45minutes away and we will have to drive back and forth to the have the drain checked so gas money adds up fast ontop of other medical expensives . If you are wanting to help in anyway, heres how you can.

Shop my Hellcat Mama Etsy shop HERE

Get Tattooed by Kalieb before feb. 2nd (Calhoun,GA) facebook page here


Get Tattooed at the Tattooed Lady before feb. 14th (Huntsville,Al) facebook page here
These wonderful wonderful wonderful people are donating a % of the tattoos they do from now until valentines day to us to help with all this mess we are dealing with. <3 such amazing good hearted people who are extremly talented.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Valentines Day Giveaway!

I am giving away a pair of exclusive (not yet added to the etsy shop!) little white heart alligator clip bows ♥
and also a super duper adorable vintage valentines day card. (who knows maybe i'll be feelin' awsome and throw in some extra Hellcat Mama swag for the winner!)

The winner will be picked by using a random name generator and will receive an email by me.
The contest will end Feb. 6th at midnight!

How to Enter:
Comment below (with your name and email) one thing you love, wether its an item in my shop, something you love to do or someone that YOU love.♥

Bonus entries-
Reshare this Blog post OR my facebook page ( OR my etsy shop ( to recieve a bonus entry of your name! 
just leave an additional comment letting me know you shared the blog post or facebook page or my etsy shop OR all three! ♥
Also if you referred someone to this blog post give away and they mention your name that is also ANOTHER entry for you!

All entries must enter thru a comment on THIS blog not on facebook.

don't forget to check out ALL my awsomeness I have for sale HERE

One thing that I LOVELOVELOVELOVE is GypsiroseKaliebThrottleSewingCoffeeandFastCars see thats just one big long word of love.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thrifty Finds with Ariana

  My original plans were that me and Ariana were going to go have a massive thrifting day hit up calhoun, then onto adairsville then onto cartersville. Those plans got smashed so then plans got unsmashed and we kinda winged it last minute and I took her to her FIRST ever thrifting adventure today around town in Calhoun. I think of it as phase 1 of turning her into a redneck (bless her yankee heart)
  Ariana found a huge ass blank canvas and some cardigans. Which I would say is a big success for a last minute first thrift adventure.

Heres a couple of my favorite things I picked up today, I die for anything eagle It just such a traditional symbol (plus it'll go well on my bird wall!) 2 cassetes, lynard skynard and run dmc, we have a 53 international that plays cassettes so i'm always sure to rummage thru some 10c cassettes every chance I get,  really like that vintage-ish white necklace and a super neat'o wierd'o embroidery I always try to pick those up because I know how much time and love gets put into needlework projects, NOT PICTURED I also got another cross stitch picture with a boy on it and somin bout snails, wierd baseball jersey tshirt, flannel that fits PERFECT, denim jacket for kalieb to cut the sleeves off of and some clothes for the gypsi.

  Phase two of turning Ariana into a redneck will be gettin' some local fried pickles and gettin' a shit ton of scratch off lottery tickets. I should just start a series called "The adventures of turning Ariana into proud white trash"

yeah i'm an AWSOME influence.

Friday, January 20, 2012

star wars, a turd colored dog and redneck s'mores

yeaaaaah buddy got in part 1 of my star wars material today and made this cutesy lil skirt , I for one grew up around star wars unwillingly which I think is why I don't care for it so much, BUT so many people i know are head over heals for it so I thought it would be fun to make something quirky for once <3 I do love it  tons can't wait to get the rest in so I can do moooore! this one is now listed on my etsy and can be found here

  Been having a crappy day so I thought it was very fitting that my dog (Throttle) decided to camouflage himself in a turd colored  setting. that darn dog <3
  Then I decided to end my night like any girl who is having a crappy day does......  FATTY FOODS!
these are my redneck s'mores, If you know me personally then you know how much i LOVE roasted marshmallows and making s'mores (i'm the girl who busts out the marshmallows and sticks when we are burning trash yum) anywhos I just set up my lil ensemble here and set the oven to broiler you just have to watch them all the time like 5 minutes or less or you can do what I always do and forget about them completely and they will be perfectly black on top.


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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A look into my floral obsession and new additions to the bird wall

  Hip Hip Hooray! Got my AWSOME new couch into the work room bright and early this morning. So I thought what better time then today to do a blog post about my very healthy obsession with FLORAL (kinda more of an explanation for why i got this very loud flowerful couch hehe)

 this is a mix of fabric, place mats, table clothes, hankercheifs, scarves and linens.

 sewing table is recovered in vintage floral
 where we make babies
 dried out ragweed and babybreath are my FAVORITE,
 making sure my daughter shares my obsession with her mini rocker
 damask floral print
 kitchen wall (this is what happens when Kalieb tells me that I can do whatever I want with the kitchen)
my bird wall <3 this is my newest collection of things, I do NOT have a "thing" for owls I seriously just ADORE all birds.
Junkyard Tattoo Kalieb Crowder (Calhoun,GA)
Back of my calves (unshaved legs yummy)
The Tattooed Lady Dave Jones (Huntsville,AL)

Moral to this story.
I am a crazy flower and bird lady.
the end.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thrifty Finds

    So my morning started out with a phone call from my doctor with test results from my mri. It was confirmed that the tennis ball sized tumor in my neck is abnormal and I am being scheduled with a neck,ear and eye specialist then from there we discuss surgery and the problems with my kidney functions will have to come after. SOOOO after that depressing shit I wanted to do something super awsome and what better way to keep my mind off things then to go thrifting????? and oh boy oh boy am I glad I did because today was a success and I didnt spend hardly nuttin. I did tho get a flat tire (okay fuck a flat the tire blew up on me) after my first store but alabama and candi came and rescued me and changed my flat so i was good to go. 

   Got a very 60s-70s sheet and pillow case, afghan, (its hard to find afghans i like but i adored all the pinks and greys that were on it) and a super duper soft big ass crochet and knit blanket with awsome 70s colors.
 I got tucker a kick ass trucker hat that says i'm not a diry old man im just a sexy senior citizen. (LOL) 3 vintage bright ass colorful pillow cases, another old bird picture for my bird wall, 2 melana plates with pretty blue flowers, a badass set of 4 ashtray/coasters with music notes on them ( keep an eye out for those to go on my etsy soon, unless when kalieb gets home he steals them from me hehe) annnnd I got myself a super cute lil case for my make up :)

 So then my last stop was a thrift store right next to taco bell (i had not eaten all day) and I was STARVING all i wanted was a damn crunch wrap supreme and as I was giving up and giving in to my hunger I began to walk out the door then BAM this couch hit me... in the face... and it was love at first damn site... the lady wanted 30$ for it but talked her down to 20$ if you know me then you know i have a HUGE obsession with vintage floral.... this is going in my work room and it will be the perfect lounge for me to embroider and read <3
  very very sucessful day, but sad I never found me some striped overhauls, I will own a pair... SOON.
oh happy day oh happy day

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

heart shaped cuteness

   To my most awsome suprise kalieb closed the shop down early yesterday and wanted to go to hobby lobby (uh fuck yes! my man coming home early AND a family trip to hobby lobby-=heaven)
  Hobby Lobby has all there valentines day stuff out! (along with a bunch of adraoble bunnies for easter). I dont care if you are single or not or a valentines day hater. Valentines day is my 2nd favorite holiday because of all the adorable heart shaped badass-ness!
   I found these heart shaped dollies that say "with love" on them for 1.47$ for a pack of 20! AAHHH!! I tottaly flipped out in the middle of the aisle. There are 3 different sizes and I know that one week before v-day there holiday themed goodies will be 50% off making these PRECIOUS hearts only 75 cents! I hung up 20 on my walls (once i get my couch moved into the work room i will hang up more) but I plan on tonight playing with some and making some other crafty somin' from them, even considered making valentines day postcards (with a 10% discount code) for hellcat mama and mailing them out to my past customers.

Today has been a very very dreary icky day out, spent all morning having an mri done, then got home swooped up the Gypsi and we headed out in this rain to mail out orders and pay some bills for the tattoo shop. I have sooooo much fun packing up items. I hope that one day my etsy shop grows enough that I will be able to afford placing a lil gift with each order along with some pretty packaging.

Time to spend the rest of my rainy day cleaning and reading <3

Monday, January 16, 2012

Kitti's muh fuckin kickass famous rootbeer beer bbq RECIPE.

Holyshit I cannot believe I am about to give the internet world my recipe to "kitti's muh' fuckin kickass famous bbq) BUT even if you try to cook it... it will never ever taste as good as when i make it... so i'm at peace with that. This recipe is for feeding a big ol' group of people, just cut the ingridents in half for a smaller group.

What you will need:
(I fed 13 people and still have plenty of left overs for people to take home)
-2 pork loins (they are about 9$ a piece but its worth it becaues of less fat ICKY)
-2 cans beer (i always just use whatever is in my fridge usually pbr or high life)
-2 cans rootbeer (barqs rootbeer works best but once again whatever was in my fridge)
-A cheap lil thing of pork rub, no need for somin fancy.
-2 bottles of sweet baby rays bbq sauce (original)
-2 bottles of sweet baby rays bbq sauce (honey bbq)
The bbq sauce makes it all, so dont fuck up this kickass recipe by putting nasty ass bbq sauce on it.

Cut each porkloin in 3 sections, (I used 2 crock pots i dont know what size they are but they are small as shit) Put the porkloin in the crock pot, put in the rootbeer first. Let the foam settle THEN put the beer in until its about 1/2 inch from the top. Put 1/3 cup of pork rub in, salt and pepper. Cook on high for 1hr then on low for ATLEAST 5hrs. One hour before you are ready to serve your bbq drain, then with a fork shred the pork. It should shred suuuuper easy. Add 1 bottle of original sweet baby rays bbq sauce and 1 bottle of honey bbq sweet baby rays. Keeping setting on low until you are ready to serve. BAM! ya got yourself some KICKASS bbq!

I recomend serving it on potato buns, I'm just a fan and am convinced they are the best. Sunday I also served with it baked beans with bacon, macaroni and cheese, potato salad and cornbread.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th!

Happy very unlucky lucky day to all ya'll!

My day started out rough had to cancel some plans of having a girls day at hobby lobby (uhh what can be better then that?) but tis' what I sacrifice for my itty bitty Gypsi Rose.
Did tho manage to go to the grocery store, Sunday I am cooking my oh so famous bbq! Maybe I'll even give ya'll a recipe for that... If you've never tried it your missing out... its magical and will be the end to cancer one day (that and my homemade red mashed potatos)
Tommorow I will finally be adding new items to my etsy shop. After I make a run to the post office and wait in line for forever to ship orders.
I also made a huge list of things I needed to improve, expand and look into for hellcat mama.
I am a list whore and can not function without them.

My favorite thing about friday the 13th is my mans tradition of 13$ plus a lucky 7$ tip number 13 tattoos he does! here some flash he drew up for that today (he did 2 pages of it but only scanned half of each page because he doesnt like people stealin' his shit off the computer). He despises specials btw so this was a big deal that he did it again this year.

Last night I finished up some skirt orders and reworked my headband pattern and I apparently just couldnt get my head straight so I yelled at myself via note to get my ass in gear

And ending this blog post on a random note I really want/need a 50mm lens for my camera.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I have made a promise with myself to stop neglecting my blog. yay for YOU! I'm a lil late buuuuut I came up with a few new years resolutions, some are business related and some involve my personal life. This is one of my favorite traditions tho and your life is always so much easier when you have goals set for yourself!

-Create 5 new things a week.
Whether that be skirts, clutches, jewerly, shadow boxes, new recipes, painting, embroidery... okay yeah you get the point.

-Get dressed 6 days out of the week
Did you just laugh at me? because this is tottaly serious..... well.... kinda, its no lie that ever since i've become self employed and worked from home I have lived in my sweatpants... and not a few... one pair that I adore... so this is a big deal for me to actually wake up and put on real clothes. uhh you can

-Blog and take pictures daily
Wether anyone follows my blog or not it is nice to have something to look back on.

-Read a book to Gypsi Rose EVERY night.
Sometimes I slack and from bath time we go straight to bed, so I have made a goal to never forget to read to her because she truly loves it so much.

My MAIN goal in this year is to really get Hellcat Mama off the ground and exposed to as many as I can. I have tons of new items hitting the shop and new ideas brewing daily. The hardest part is just getting the word and my items out there. Its time to run this thing full force tho! yeeehaw!!! happy 2012 ya'll!!