Thursday, January 12, 2012


I have made a promise with myself to stop neglecting my blog. yay for YOU! I'm a lil late buuuuut I came up with a few new years resolutions, some are business related and some involve my personal life. This is one of my favorite traditions tho and your life is always so much easier when you have goals set for yourself!

-Create 5 new things a week.
Whether that be skirts, clutches, jewerly, shadow boxes, new recipes, painting, embroidery... okay yeah you get the point.

-Get dressed 6 days out of the week
Did you just laugh at me? because this is tottaly serious..... well.... kinda, its no lie that ever since i've become self employed and worked from home I have lived in my sweatpants... and not a few... one pair that I adore... so this is a big deal for me to actually wake up and put on real clothes. uhh you can

-Blog and take pictures daily
Wether anyone follows my blog or not it is nice to have something to look back on.

-Read a book to Gypsi Rose EVERY night.
Sometimes I slack and from bath time we go straight to bed, so I have made a goal to never forget to read to her because she truly loves it so much.

My MAIN goal in this year is to really get Hellcat Mama off the ground and exposed to as many as I can. I have tons of new items hitting the shop and new ideas brewing daily. The hardest part is just getting the word and my items out there. Its time to run this thing full force tho! yeeehaw!!! happy 2012 ya'll!!

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