Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thrifty Finds with Ariana

  My original plans were that me and Ariana were going to go have a massive thrifting day hit up calhoun, then onto adairsville then onto cartersville. Those plans got smashed so then plans got unsmashed and we kinda winged it last minute and I took her to her FIRST ever thrifting adventure today around town in Calhoun. I think of it as phase 1 of turning her into a redneck (bless her yankee heart)
  Ariana found a huge ass blank canvas and some cardigans. Which I would say is a big success for a last minute first thrift adventure.

Heres a couple of my favorite things I picked up today, I die for anything eagle It just such a traditional symbol (plus it'll go well on my bird wall!) 2 cassetes, lynard skynard and run dmc, we have a 53 international that plays cassettes so i'm always sure to rummage thru some 10c cassettes every chance I get,  really like that vintage-ish white necklace and a super neat'o wierd'o embroidery I always try to pick those up because I know how much time and love gets put into needlework projects, NOT PICTURED I also got another cross stitch picture with a boy on it and somin bout snails, wierd baseball jersey tshirt, flannel that fits PERFECT, denim jacket for kalieb to cut the sleeves off of and some clothes for the gypsi.

  Phase two of turning Ariana into a redneck will be gettin' some local fried pickles and gettin' a shit ton of scratch off lottery tickets. I should just start a series called "The adventures of turning Ariana into proud white trash"

yeah i'm an AWSOME influence.

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