Thursday, January 19, 2012

A look into my floral obsession and new additions to the bird wall

  Hip Hip Hooray! Got my AWSOME new couch into the work room bright and early this morning. So I thought what better time then today to do a blog post about my very healthy obsession with FLORAL (kinda more of an explanation for why i got this very loud flowerful couch hehe)

 this is a mix of fabric, place mats, table clothes, hankercheifs, scarves and linens.

 sewing table is recovered in vintage floral
 where we make babies
 dried out ragweed and babybreath are my FAVORITE,
 making sure my daughter shares my obsession with her mini rocker
 damask floral print
 kitchen wall (this is what happens when Kalieb tells me that I can do whatever I want with the kitchen)
my bird wall <3 this is my newest collection of things, I do NOT have a "thing" for owls I seriously just ADORE all birds.
Junkyard Tattoo Kalieb Crowder (Calhoun,GA)
Back of my calves (unshaved legs yummy)
The Tattooed Lady Dave Jones (Huntsville,AL)

Moral to this story.
I am a crazy flower and bird lady.
the end.

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