Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thrifty Finds

    So my morning started out with a phone call from my doctor with test results from my mri. It was confirmed that the tennis ball sized tumor in my neck is abnormal and I am being scheduled with a neck,ear and eye specialist then from there we discuss surgery and the problems with my kidney functions will have to come after. SOOOO after that depressing shit I wanted to do something super awsome and what better way to keep my mind off things then to go thrifting????? and oh boy oh boy am I glad I did because today was a success and I didnt spend hardly nuttin. I did tho get a flat tire (okay fuck a flat the tire blew up on me) after my first store but alabama and candi came and rescued me and changed my flat so i was good to go. 

   Got a very 60s-70s sheet and pillow case, afghan, (its hard to find afghans i like but i adored all the pinks and greys that were on it) and a super duper soft big ass crochet and knit blanket with awsome 70s colors.
 I got tucker a kick ass trucker hat that says i'm not a diry old man im just a sexy senior citizen. (LOL) 3 vintage bright ass colorful pillow cases, another old bird picture for my bird wall, 2 melana plates with pretty blue flowers, a badass set of 4 ashtray/coasters with music notes on them ( keep an eye out for those to go on my etsy soon, unless when kalieb gets home he steals them from me hehe) annnnd I got myself a super cute lil case for my make up :)

 So then my last stop was a thrift store right next to taco bell (i had not eaten all day) and I was STARVING all i wanted was a damn crunch wrap supreme and as I was giving up and giving in to my hunger I began to walk out the door then BAM this couch hit me... in the face... and it was love at first damn site... the lady wanted 30$ for it but talked her down to 20$ if you know me then you know i have a HUGE obsession with vintage floral.... this is going in my work room and it will be the perfect lounge for me to embroider and read <3
  very very sucessful day, but sad I never found me some striped overhauls, I will own a pair... SOON.
oh happy day oh happy day

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