Tuesday, January 17, 2012

heart shaped cuteness

   To my most awsome suprise kalieb closed the shop down early yesterday and wanted to go to hobby lobby (uh fuck yes! my man coming home early AND a family trip to hobby lobby-=heaven)
  Hobby Lobby has all there valentines day stuff out! (along with a bunch of adraoble bunnies for easter). I dont care if you are single or not or a valentines day hater. Valentines day is my 2nd favorite holiday because of all the adorable heart shaped badass-ness!
   I found these heart shaped dollies that say "with love" on them for 1.47$ for a pack of 20! AAHHH!! I tottaly flipped out in the middle of the aisle. There are 3 different sizes and I know that one week before v-day there holiday themed goodies will be 50% off making these PRECIOUS hearts only 75 cents! I hung up 20 on my walls (once i get my couch moved into the work room i will hang up more) but I plan on tonight playing with some and making some other crafty somin' from them, even considered making valentines day postcards (with a 10% discount code) for hellcat mama and mailing them out to my past customers.

Today has been a very very dreary icky day out, spent all morning having an mri done, then got home swooped up the Gypsi and we headed out in this rain to mail out orders and pay some bills for the tattoo shop. I have sooooo much fun packing up items. I hope that one day my etsy shop grows enough that I will be able to afford placing a lil gift with each order along with some pretty packaging.

Time to spend the rest of my rainy day cleaning and reading <3

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