Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th!

Happy very unlucky lucky day to all ya'll!

My day started out rough had to cancel some plans of having a girls day at hobby lobby (uhh what can be better then that?) but tis' what I sacrifice for my itty bitty Gypsi Rose.
Did tho manage to go to the grocery store, Sunday I am cooking my oh so famous bbq! Maybe I'll even give ya'll a recipe for that... If you've never tried it your missing out... its magical and will be the end to cancer one day (that and my homemade red mashed potatos)
Tommorow I will finally be adding new items to my etsy shop. After I make a run to the post office and wait in line for forever to ship orders.
I also made a huge list of things I needed to improve, expand and look into for hellcat mama.
I am a list whore and can not function without them.

My favorite thing about friday the 13th is my mans tradition of 13$ plus a lucky 7$ tip number 13 tattoos he does! here some flash he drew up for that today (he did 2 pages of it but only scanned half of each page because he doesnt like people stealin' his shit off the computer). He despises specials btw so this was a big deal that he did it again this year.

Last night I finished up some skirt orders and reworked my headband pattern and I apparently just couldnt get my head straight so I yelled at myself via note to get my ass in gear

And ending this blog post on a random note I really want/need a 50mm lens for my camera.

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