Wednesday, January 25, 2012

whats happenin' at the hellcat mama home front

    So this has been a super eventful week so far, came up with these super adorable hair bow clips, imma sell them in a set of 2 for 5$ and I will also offer a variety set also. woohoo. hopefully gettin those up at the end of the week, if I can get the energy to get my sick bum off the couch. The lil Gypsi and I have been super sick this week!

Heres a few different fabrics I ordered last week should be getting these in soon
 (officially used up the gift card my awsome grandma got me! boooo!)
how cute is this????
 I want to make everything out of this!
 I got this fabric after I had seen this picture of this bear I found online. I geuss you could say I was inspired by the picture to create something to resemble it. I'm excited to see what I come up with and see how I did in comparision.

  Nooooow for the not so fun news, Today I was scheduled my appointment to have a mass of sorts removed from my neck on feb. 2nd. I'm a little bit alot freaked out for 2 reasons. 1 being that they are having to move two very sensitive nerves in order to get to the mass and those two nerves are the one that controls my tongue and the one that controls my mouth... but hey atleast I could still blog ;) and 2. being that I shouldnt of watched the movie "awake" last month!!! eeeeeeeeekkkk! never watch that movie ever! being put under scared the absolute poop outta me.

  Lookey here I even posted a picture for ya'll to oogle and google at!!! this is an mri of my face like if you were just standing infront of me looking at me. the big white blob on the left is the mass. yucky right? I'm still extremly fascinated by it tho and if they didnt have to send it off to have it tested for cancer knowing me I would probaly ask to keep it.

  So what is Hellcat Mama gonna do while i'm recooping from surgery?
My ultimate game plan is before my surgery day fight thru this crud and get as much sewing done as i possibly can so I can have a good running stock of things, I do NOT want to put the shop on vacation by no means so if worst comes to worst orders might be a week late but you will be notified.

  Our only source of income besides that is the tattoo shop (junkyard tattoo) we are gonna kinda be in a rut from having to close the shop down so kalieb can take care of me. I will have a drain hooked to my neck and the hospital is 45minutes away and we will have to drive back and forth to the have the drain checked so gas money adds up fast ontop of other medical expensives . If you are wanting to help in anyway, heres how you can.

Shop my Hellcat Mama Etsy shop HERE

Get Tattooed by Kalieb before feb. 2nd (Calhoun,GA) facebook page here


Get Tattooed at the Tattooed Lady before feb. 14th (Huntsville,Al) facebook page here
These wonderful wonderful wonderful people are donating a % of the tattoos they do from now until valentines day to us to help with all this mess we are dealing with. <3 such amazing good hearted people who are extremly talented.

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