Friday, February 3, 2012

yay for drugs!

 So heres a lil update for all ya'll that have been following this lil journey of this wonderful mass that has invaded my neck for the past year, and also I figured since this is my blog business and personal this is something to add to a chapter of my life. A year ago or so I started noticing that every time I ate or seen something super delicious (that made me drooooool) that I would get this pressure in the side of my neck as the months went on a lump formed, at first the lump would only show when I ate or saw something YUMMY it eventually got really painful because of the pressure of this lump growing and then one day it just kinda stuck out and never went back down (that was 7 months ago) a week before my boyfriend was fired from his job after telling his boss we were going to move back closer to his family in georgia. We found out it was a tumor of some sorts (after many x-rays, ultrasounds and catscans) when we moved to georgia got settled in we had a tragic death in the family that pushed all this tumor/mass mess to the back of my head and it was the last thing I was worried about. It started to get more and more painful so I decided to suck it up and find a dr. well sure enough the mass had grown.

(white blob on left side is the tumor)

blah blah blah blah blah had surgery scheduled had a panic attack in the prep room had to get drugged 
(oh my god I love valium)
so this is post- op neck wrapped with a tube in my neck to help drain all the icky blood and junk
hurts like hell its all good tho when I have my AWSOME drugs, hurts to eat really bad because they took the gland out that produces saliva so I have alot of pressure in my neck when I eat from that gland still trying to provide saliva not to mention how horribly dry my mouth is right. I also had a breathing tube down my throat which messed up my throat so I have no voice. I really really wanna be sewing right now but literally cannot move my neck or hardly breath for that matter because the inside and outside of my neck is soo swollen.
 ta-da I finally got to take my bandage off 


When someone asks about this scar I plan on telling them that I got into a knife fight with a grizzly bear because i'm tough like that.
Friday at 10am we find out if it is cancer or not.


one of my new faves <3 
and heres a picture i took 2 days before my surgery :) when the oh so wonderful dave and toni came and visited us! they are donating a % of money coming from there tattoo shop to help with our outrageous medical bills we've had. so very thankful for all the friends and family that have stepped up to help me out SO SO SO MUCH <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I miss my lil baby Gypsi Rose and I miss my sewing machine. I'm ready to be able to eat, breath and move my neck again and to get off of this recliner!!!


  1. Keep trucking, pretty lady. I'm keeping you in my thoughts. <3

    Also, those skirts are darling!

  2. Thank you for updating us. I've been thinking about you, I have a little heart tattooed on my right shoulder now. I got it last week from Dave. Praying for you , sweetie <3