Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Funday.....

I spent a good hour today on the internet looking into parts and what not for the caddy. I won't have the car in my yard till next week because its about an hour away we are having the person deliver it to us buuut because its not in my yard I cant check out the door jam to see what model it is besides knowing its a 1960 and comparing pictures with the picture from my cellphone. I do believe its a 62 series... but not positive.

Kaileb is trading his truck for a 71 bug... hes excited... I havent gotten use to this foreign car gig yet.

OKAY NURSES!!!! I have a question for you!!!!! 
I think that my incision is infected but when I went to the dr. the nurse said it looked nasty but only the dr could tell me if it was infected or not and the dr. said no that it wasnt infected. SO I need opinions on this one because I trust a nurse over a doctor. It been bleeding alot lately and it use to never bleed heres a picture below of day 2 after surgery and day 10 after surgery.
So opinions? is this normal that it looks/feels worst the more it heals? I tried to google and didnt find much.

The other day  the Gypsi and I watched the brave lil toaster and sat in the recliner together and ate lunch <3
Even tho I already have a sewing machine tattoed on me, I would looove to have the sewing machine from that movie tattooed on me!! its so awsome... and pink...

and I forgot to post this picture from the other day when I actually put on real clothes and make up, even tho all I did was work in the work room it still just felt good to not be in sweatpants... and you can't even see my incision in this picture which makes it that much better.

Last but not LEAST I finished another new skirt, more SUGAR SKULLS!! I also have this fabric in white.

Nighty Night Ya'll!

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