Friday, February 10, 2012

theeeee one and only, Hellcat Mama!

 I always get all my energy at night to work on things
As you can see I have my hands full tonight! as well as the couch in my work room, this is a lil strategy I call "you can't sit down on this comfy couch because it is covered in fabric you must make purdy skirts out of!"

 Now have Star Wars skirts back in stock
Can be found HERE
I also added a new skirt road trip attractions! super duper adorable!
Can be found HERE

I have a lil assembly line of hemming going on right now so i'm hoping to be adding a lot of new stuff to the shop ASAP because once that caddy is in my yard I know I will be neglecting 
the shit out of my sewing machine. <3

Relined and refoamed Tuckers helmet the other night, thankfully my wonderful man thinks he needs a new lid for every day of the week so I have some more I can work on for fun
but I'm doing reline and refoam for 40 buckaroos

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