Monday, October 3, 2011

Thrifty Finds

 Went to two new thrift stores today here in town that I havent been to yet, LOVED THEM. I was in a rush tho so I kinda speed-thrifted.
 Got a darling set of 4 mini strawberry mugs (1.50$) 2 strawberry glasses (1.00) You can seriously never have enough glasses or mugs they are GREAT for everything flower pots, storage (buttons, pins, nuts and bolts yada yada yada) then of course you can do the normal thing and drink out of them.
 I couldnt help but to not pick up the good luck kitchen witch spoon rest I felt like if I didnt buy it (75c) I would never be able to cook anything again (it wouldve been bad juju to read it then leave it, what can I say?)
Onto the ugly flower vases (minus the beautiful milk white one) (99c each) those my friends are going to be my FIRST tutorial!! Exciting! Riiight??? A how to on how to make ugly vases purdy. Well how to turn a plain vase into a milk white type vase or any color you might like.
 YAY for tommorow!

"nothing spills, nothing spoils, over cooks or over boils This kitchen witch upon her broom brings love and luck to any room"

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