Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I have been way to busy for my own good! (I also just got a job at a lil local bar so its been entertaining me at nights)
Its been soooo much fun thrifting so much lately for stocking stuffers and christmas presents buuuuut the shit-tay part is I can't post pictures of anything i've found! booooo.
I have just started doing a cool lil penpal thing with my sister and some friends back home in Alabama <3
The 5th was my 21st birthday, I got a big ass cobra tattooed on my stomach and why yes I did get tore up from the floor up.

On a business-sy note I am in LIMBO! On the fence about sooo many things to add to my shop and take away forever from my shop... What is it about the new year that makes people wanna always do a 360?

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