Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Junk Huntin' and other randomness

I can only hope that one day I am that old lady whos fingers are slap full with turquoise rings

I've been working ALOT on these one size dresses <3 so far I hope my customers are as inlove with them as I am!!! They are 40s to 50s inspired with alot of comfort.


I've been deep cleaning the house and preparing for a yardsale. I have a butt ton of custom orders to get done by friday, which I love! Kalieb and I are still on the hunt for a junky old house that we can fix up and make "ours" but we are in no rush! Can't wait to start school and i'm already planning Gypsi Roses 2nd birthday (and Kaliebs birthday also of course) weeeee time flies!

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