Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Photo Dump!/end of vacation

Just got back from our wonderful trip to Mobile to Visit Family! Had lots of fun went to the beach, Kalieb got to finally get some work done by Alan Berg, did lots of thrifting and got to see all my wonderful family!

Gypsi Rose LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED the beach!!! she was crying when we had to leave! I wish we had some pictures of her in the water but i was enjoying the moment and not worrying about capturing the moment, she is so brave she was running straight thru the water and giving me a heart attack. hehe.

Nephew, Sister, Gypsi Rose and Brother

So then on the way home from Alabama it was POURING!! so we set the gps to "no highways" and backroaded all the way home, it was wonderul <3 especially once the sun came out we always have so much fun pointing out old cars in hidden places and dreamy old farm houses that we wish were ours!

We hit up the Mobile Flea Market and also a huge Thrift Store!

Kalieb got himself some vintage motorsickle stuff on the cheap!

ummmmm 3$ for this metal shelving! yes please! i'm all about some petina!

And here is some pre-vacation randomness

Kalieb got seatbelts in the caddy so now it is officially the mama mobile

All bags are now added to the shop! you can view them

annnnnd now I am replying back to everyones emails and catching up! woohoo <3

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