Sunday, April 22, 2012

Last weekend to this weekend, thrifty finds galore

I've tottaly been neglecting my blog ya'll! Sorry! Heres an update from last weekend to this weekend :)

Last saturday The Gypsi and I went yardsaling! we did purdy good

 E.T sleeping bag! weeee

The Gypsi "rawring" at her new tiger

Pretend sleeping

I got started on these new patchwork bags! I use alot of vintage fabric with these but also some new stuff
My all time favorite thing is mixed media with vintage and new so I ADORE these and will be listing these this week sometime

Some sneak peaks of some i'm working on

I also updated the etsy shop with new pictures and a new banner

The drive shaft in the Cadillac is pulled out and being worked on, Thankfully my mother in law has been awsomely patient with me letting me borrow her car until the bugs are worked out on the caddy

Kalieb wrecked the mini bike... hes stil handsome even all scuffed up

Friday went to an estate sale

This was a lil bit of Nick giving me some and also thrift store 
more vintage fabrics and linens

This is my box for my new vintage etsy I created!
favorite me and add me in your circle i'll start listing items this week :)

I thrifted this super AWESOME chair that hooks onto my bar! 

Saturday went yardsaling 
spent 5$ total for all of this!

Found 1$s worth of stuff for my bird collection

Cassie sent me a kickass package in the mail <3 she is the BEST
She is touring with her band right now (Cancer Slug) look them up they may be playing a show near you!

In august I will be living in Georgia for a year (I still miss Alabama dearly) but i'm still slowly making my house a home, really need to start thinking about painting those white walls!

Friday Ariana and I are heading out to Toni & Guy hair salon to tour the school then headin out to my first ever trip to little 5 points! I'm so excited! 

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