Sunday, April 1, 2012

Celebration for Austins 16th birthday! woohoo

Today was Austins (Genes sons) 16th Birthday!! wooohooo!!
so we had a lil bash for him at the house lots of food
(my famous bbq, mashed potatos, mac n cheese, beans with bacon, devilled eggs, potato salad, cookie cake, homemade strawberry cake and some other sweets that i'm to full to even think up.

We got to finally meet the BEAUTIFUL Koupe!

Kalieb fixin' his clutch cable

I'm uploading a video now on VIMEO of Austin scratching off his birthday presents
a stack of 1$ scratch off lottery tickets and in the mix was a fake lottery ticket winning 10grand
its a goodin' i'll post as soon as its done but it will take a couple hours


  1. You should post recipes, Kitti!

    Hey....I have this fabulous (but filthy) semi-circular 50s sofa. How would you go about recovering it? I thought about two loveseat covers to make sure I could get the whole thing covered, then the store quit carrying the color I wanted. Sheets tucked and pinned probably won't hold up very well, huh?

    I also need to figure out how to thread the bobbin on my sewing machine...that would help a lot if I could make some actual cushion covers. My Mom showed me once, but I have completely forgotten!

    1. I do have a recipe for my bbq floatin around my blog! I will tho start a recipe section on it :) circle anything is hard! a sheet might be your best bet honestly I would try that out and see how it goes thrift stores always have fabolous vintage linens I use them for anything its whats covering my sewing table, if you google your machine model there are alot of websites out there that have the manuals for them :)sometimes you can even find them on youtube!