Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The lady cave aka the work room

I get alot of people who ask about my work room so I decided to do a "mini-tour" of it.
It never stays clean if  I ever have free time, trust me I aint spendin' it cleanin up nuttin'.
My house is what we call in the south a shotgun house (google it)
Its an old house that was renovated minus the tile, the dining room is now the living room, the living room is now our bedroom and the porch is now my workroom. yay for useless backround info.

The best part about living in the country is my view from my windows! 

You can also enter my work room from our bedroom.

Kaileb and Tucker got this table out of the dumster for me bottom is used to store packaging supplies and top is a bunch of random clutter including vintage patterns.

This is my big ol' box of wonders. Everytime im at a yardsale, estate sale or thrift store if there is a piece of clothing that I like the pattern or buttons and that is 50c or less I always grab it and toss it in the box. I use it for lining, bows, pockets, zippers and embroidery. I am a penny pincher/ up cycling fool.

This was Gypsi Roses diaper changing table that I now use to store fabric.
One day I will sit down and arrange it all my color.

cork board wrapped in vintage linens (sewing table is also wrapped in this linen)
make shift peg board.

where all the magic happens!

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