Monday, April 2, 2012

Thrifty finds and a normal monday.

Went to the mall today with Kalieb,Tucker and of course the Gypsi stopped at a lil hole in the wall gas station/thrift store and also found some other lil things today a new owl for my birdie collection this cool ass corner shelf, butterfly pictures and those KILLER snowman shoes I plan on rockin' those suckers year round.

 lil miss passed out on the way home from the mall aint nuttin sweeter then a sleepin' baby!

We stayed outside 90% of the day

Boys went ridin' while the gypsi and I held down the fort... aka we were bored as shit.

The best work out you can get it to tote a kid around in a wagon all over the yard up and down hills.

Since Kalieb hasnt spent anytime with me all week i'm making him watch the notebook with me tonight.
Bless his heart.