Friday, May 25, 2012

As usual, lots of random photos

Took a last minute trip to go visit Elvis, to any of my alabama friends that I didn't let know I was coming it was because we literally just went, had a beer with him then left, well then went to little river canyon to stretch out legs.

 Tuckers collection once we got to Alabama.. a 12 pack disapeared by the time we hit the Georgia state line coming back home.

Little River Canyon! breeding ground for flesh eating bacteria woohoo!

Beep Beep! been havin' lots of fun in the sun... I even got a lil tan!

Super duper excited that my grape vine is surviving the birds AND my 3 apple trees are blooming so WELL (2 green 1 red) ANNNNND!!! and I discovered a blackberry bush.
I see lots of apple and blackberry copplers in my future!

Had a Mama and Gypsi Rose thrifting day but first of course we had to stop by the shop to visit daddy and munch on cheese ticks and slushies! (hell yeah happy hour at sonic!)

Sweeeeeet Flannel for Kalieb

these are my "elvis" jeans I found, (if you know elvis then you know that his jeans stayed patched up with bandannas) I never have luck with jeans in thrift stores but these fit me PERFECTLY.

Found this KILLER painting of the rockies from 1959 which I ebayed to find out it was worth lots of money
Always a plus!

Kalieb finished tooling his seat and got it mounted, I'm so stinkin' proud of how hardworking hes become at all his lil trades he does (tattooing, leather tooling and pinstriping) sometimes he just needs a kick in his butt to get him goin I geuss, Big BIG things to come for Junkyard Tattoo waiting till after memorial day to get more info so we can share! but I am sooooooo excited!!!!

 bedtime stories

A lil stray wondered into our yard, spent the day with him and then Tucker took him to his forever home.
Hes to cute!

Took another wonderful hike with the Throttle

Be looking for these 2 skirts to be restocked in the shop this week!

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